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Sugababes - 'Easy'

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Fraser McAlpine | 15:38 UK time, Friday, 10 November 2006

Gah! What is this FILTH? Fair enough, the art of singing about sex without really mentioning sex is as old as music itself, but this is just dirty with a capital 'Urr'.

Here's an example of just some of the lovely 'metaphors' on display within this song:

  • "Got such a pretty kitty boy, know you wanna pet it"
  • "I've got a landing strip clear for you at the airport"
  • "The weather's nice and wet just south of the border"
  • Most disturbing, no? And this is all accompanied by a synth bass which could not sound more like a fart if there was a little grunt that came with every note. Nice Girls Aloud chorus though...


    Released: November 6th

    Watch the video at www.sugababes.com

    (Fraser McAlpine)


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