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Backstage At Chart Show Live (Part 1)

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:20 UK time, Sunday, 12 November 2006

Sarah First of all, it's practically impossible to arrive at a venue where you KNOW five of the biggest acts in pop and rockular music are just milling about inside, AND walk past all the excited people milling about outside who already knows this, and not feel like something AMAZING is about to happen.

Seriously, this could be a rap battle between Daniel O'Donnell and the Crazy Frog, and it would still feel like it's on a par with the day McFly came up with that Uranus line in terms of global pop importance.

Thankfully, we're all going to be saved such an unpleasant musical fate, for now...

So far, I can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that I've seen Girls Aloud do their sound-check ('Biology', 'Love Machine', 'Something Kinda Oooh' and 'Sound Of The Underground', since you ask) at ear-bleeding levels, to an empty auditorium, save for the five people at the back of the room who very politely clapped at the end of each song, like the Girls girls had never done a sound-check before in their lives. Oh, and it was amazing, obv.

I have also found out that Beyonce has spent the last few days checking out the sights and sounds of lovely Brighton. And would literally KILL to see photos of her and Jay Z coming out of the Sea Life Centre, or on the pier with a bag full of loose change. Hey, it could happen...he could've come along for the rides! (OK, OK, I went for the cheap pun, stop hissing.)

Oh, and a lady just walked past saying that All Saints aren't ready to do their sound-check yet, as they are looking for their socks. You would have thought they'd employ someone to do that sort of thing for them, surely?

More EXCLUSIVE NEWS as it comes in...


  1. At 07:06 PM on 12 Nov 2006, Scott wrote:

    I genuninely laughed at some of that. All Saints, the divas :O

    "Jay-Z could've come along for the ride" ROFL!

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