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Wednesday 11 May 2011, 17:48

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I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the wonderful holiday weather.

As the seasons change we like to refresh the line up on CBeebies and across the summer we are going to be changing the shows that are in the Bedtime Hour. At CBeebies we understand that this is an important part of a family's evening routine and we always ensure that we let you know what's going to happen in advance, so that you can prepare! There will also be trailers on the channel to remind viewers that bedtime will be changing and we hope these will help you explain to your child that certain shows might not be on when they expect them.

We make very careful and considered changes to the Bedtime Hour as we know it can be a vital part of the bedtime routine. Across the year we also want to provide a good mix and variety of programmes, so that all our viewers can enjoy their favourite shows.

So here are the details - from Monday 30th May the 'Bedtime Hour' will have a 'starry new line up' with familiar favourites joining bedtime. From 6.00pm the ever popular 'Charlie & Lola' and '64 Zoo Lane' are welcomed back to join 'In The Night Garden' followed by the usual 'Bedtime Story', in the final slot of the day.

We are really excited as Charlie Higson (from the Fast Show) will be reading the bedtime stories in that week and one of my favourite actresses will also feature across the summer - the wonderful Shelia Hancock - so do look out for Charlie and Sheila !

This means that 'Waybuloo' will not be in the Bedtime Hour across the summer. However you can still see the Piplings, weekdays on CBeebies at 11.15 and 15.10 and weekends at 13.00. If you have access to the iPlayer, episodes will be available for catch up to view anytime. We've been told that when we changed the shows in bedtime before, some parents and carers recorded the shows so that they had episodes ready to play at 6.00pm when the schedule changed. Waybuloo fans will be pleased to know that brand new episodes will be coming in autumn!

I do hope that you find this advance information helpful . Please do let us know your thoughts about bedtime and what works for you, as it is such an important part of the day for families with young children.

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    please you cant get rid of waybuloo from the bedtime hour my son is 17 months and we are trying to get him into a sleep pattern when it starts he knows its time to settle down for bed

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    My family and I feel that changing the bedtime hour is completely unnecessary, as you mention yourself in your post the bedtime hour is an important part of the bedtime routine for many families including mine. Charlie and Lola is far too lively for bedtime and waybuloo does a fantastic job of creating a calm, gentle atmosphere before sleepy time. Surely if you have to recommend that parents record waybuloo and play it at 6 you must realise that the demand from license fee payers is for waybuloo to stay in it's current spot. If we are all recording waybuloo to watch instead of Charlie and Lola will this not affect your ratings?
    Please reconsider this schedule alteration!!

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    Excellent, my 3 year old won't watch Waybuloo and this change in schedule might bring us back to CBeebies for the Bedtime hour and rescue me from my Peppa Pig overdose! I like Charlie & Lola personally, and don't find it too stimulating at all, last time it was in the bedtime hour we found it a firm favourite. 64 Zoo Lane is most appropriate for this time of day too!

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    You can't always rely on tv schedules for bedtime routines. Waybaloo is on during the day, can you not record it? We've been with CBeebies for nearly 7yrs now, and are well used to schedule changes! :)


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