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Thursday 2 June 2011, 18:25

Chris Show Me Show Me Chris Show Me Show Me

Ten worms wriggling, waving... Hello! Chris Jarvis here - one half of 'Chris and Pui'.

Pui is busy being pregnant right now - you can never have too many viewers!
But I've just come off the phone to her; she is extremely well and sincerely hopes you enjoy the new series of 'Show Me Show Me' as much as I do.

It's great to be back at the top of the tower with Tom, Stuffy, Miss Mouse, Teddington and Momo. Ooh that reminds me… a lot of people have asked us what has happened to Momo's "bot"? Well her full name is indeed 'Momobot' but that was proving to be a bit of a mouthful for some of our youngest viewers. But moreover it really did seem much more friendly to call her 'Momo'. She doesn't seem to mind. Well she hasn't said anything. Oh now I'm worried her batteries are flat.

You will be pleased to hear the toys' songs are back. They were a new addition to the last series and everyone seems to have their personal favourite. Perhaps we should get Reggie Yates to count down the top five. In this 3rd series of 'Show Me Show Me' you may notice two videos are different however the songs themselves are unchanged. "Have a little tea with me, Miss Mouse" was re-shot in an amazing model village in Beaconsfield. A naughty bit of gossip here: in the making of this video, Miss Mouse was strapped to the roof of a model train for a daredevil action sequence. All was going to plan as she proudly raced along the rails until a low tunnel - just big enough for the train - came into view. Fortunately a quick-thinking stationmaster pulled the plug and a mousy catastrophe was averted. Miss Mouse seemed totally un-fazed by the incident and was soon back to her old self after a cup of cheese tea.

Back in the studio, I was completely bowled over to meet Granny Humpty.

Yes, Humpty Dumpty has a granny who unlike lazy, wobbly Humpty is a groovy old egg who, in the words of the nightclub floor filler, likes to "move it, move it!" I will not spoil your enjoyment of Pui's comedy master class by reciting the sketch but it is her physical comedy more than the words that made me laugh. Humpty himself is back and so are Twinkle, Incy, the Grand Old Duke of York, the Hey Diddle Cow and "Oh my woolly word!" Little Bo Peep - but you can call her Bo.

It will not have escaped your attention that squeezed into each lovingly crafted episode of 'Show Me Show Me' are two themes. 'Rain and Fluffy Things', 'Bubbles and Hiccups', 'Houses and Holes'… a never-ending list! (I hope!) Well we've got some corkers for you in this series too, covering diverse subjects like hula-hoops, sparkles, surprises (boo!), giraffes, tool kits and pineapples.

My time is up, thanks for sparing yours to read my first ever blog. Hopefully I've not put you off joining us on the tenth floor every weekday at 9am and /or 1pm on CBeebies for 'Show Me Show Me'. Please join in with everything! (Otherwise we look daft)

Ten worms waving goodbye… Chris


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    Comment number 1.

    I was home this morning with my 3 year old, and delighted to catch one of the new episodes of show me show me. It has long been one of my favourites - exactly the right pace and tone to welcome children in, but with enough lightness of touch and humour (I laugh out loud at Humpty, Bo, the cow who jumped over the moon et al) to keep me thoroughly charmed. Can't wait to meet Humpty's Granny. Inspired work, and best wishes to Pui. Andrea - a happy mother.

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    Comment number 2.

    hiya me and my 2and a half year old Jenson love your show!! congrats to Pui xx loving the new series and have to say i think you and Pui are fab love to u both Jen and Jenson from Sunderland xx

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    Comment number 3.

    You two, Chris and Pui, are the best -- in anything -- ever. Keep up the AMAZING entertainment you provide for both me and my three-year-old daughter here. And, of course, congratulations, Pui! (We can hardly wait for you to 'Show Me, Show Me' your extra viewer, should he/she be onscreen sometime.)

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    Comment number 4.

    Thank you Chris - you have just answered my two main questions about Momo(bot) and whether the fab toy songs would be coming back! We haven't managed to catch much of the new series yet as the 9am one coincides with the school run but we must try for the afternoon one! We love 'having tea with Miss Mouse'!

    My little girl (2 and a half) absolutely loves the show and is quite taken with you since her Daddy is also called Chris and you look a little alike!

    We look forward to catching more of the new series and many congratulations to Pui!

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    Comment number 5.

    best cbeebies show ever with the best presenters ever! we cant wait to meet you both in october [Personal details removed by Moderator] :D 9am concides with my school run to, but we only just miss the first 10mins. my girls favourite is miss mouse, and im on the search for a repelica for santa to bring. pui twinkle little star has both kids glued to the tv. and i find her star voice hilarious! also love chris songs- the- [how do you do, all the things that you do] ones. thankyou very very much and keep up the good work. congrats pui see you in october :))


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