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Monday 13 August 2012, 15:58

Catherine Carey Catherine Carey

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We're very happy to be able to bring you news of some exciting developments in CBeebies Radio.

As part of the changes we've been making to the website, we've been working on ways to make CBeebies Radio easier to find and use.

7 Days a Week

We also want to increase the number of Radio Shows to 7 a week, meaning a whole new listening adventure every day!

If you haven't already listened to CBeebies Radio, you're missing out on something pretty special.

It brings together a whole world of sounds, music and voices into handy podcasts that are specially designed to help develop pre-school children's listening skills and imagination. There's everything from adventures with your children's favourite CBeebies characters, like Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Tree Fu Tom and Mr Bloom to brilliant stories, games, music and quizzes.

As part of the changes we're making to the CBeebies website we've been able to improve the way we bring you CBeebies Radio by making it easier to find and download and increasing the number of podcasts to 7 a week - a new one every day! .

The new CBeebies Radio player

You can now reach CBeebies Radio by clicking on the new radio bug

You can find CBeebies radio from the tab or new radio bug on the CBeebies homepage, then listen via the new-look radio player or download the podcasts to your computer/phone/memory stick/ MP3 player or wherever you like!

Once downloaded you can keep them for as long as you like and listen to them anywhere; you could fill a CD with stories for a long car journey, listen to Mr Bloom's podcast in the garden, or get little ones active with the Tree Fu Spell School - practicing Tree Fu moves that help develop their dexterity, movement and co-ordination.

We asked our experts to put together this handy guide to downloading podcasts for those of us who need a helping hand with technology... ;)

This guide explains how to fill a CD with stories, as these shows are an ideal thing for long car journeys.

Listening Skills

Research shows that developing good listening skills in early childhood is an essential foundation for the communication, attention and comprehension skills needed when kids get into the classroom.

Listening to CBeebies Radio together with your child (as well as being a lot of fun!) is a great way to enhance and extend listening skills. We've got some brand new interactive listening activities for you and your little one to listen and play with. There's lots more info about why learning to listen is so important and more engaging listening activities to do with your child on our grownups site.

Coming Soon

To go with the new look radio-player we've got some fantastic new podcasts coming up this summer; including 'For Real FM' featuring Rastamouse and the Easy Crew and get ready for blast off when the Rhyme Rocket lands on CBeebies Radio!

So the choice is yours listen on line or down load and take CBeebies Radio away with you this summer - sitting in traffic jams is about to get a lot more fun...

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