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Monday 17 January 2011, 16:36

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Justin and Michael

All together now…. "na na na na, ho ho ho". Yes, what else could it be? "Gigglebiz" is back for a second series - yay!! (Well, I hope you're as excited as we are…..!)
Monday 17th January sees 15 all-singing, all-dancing brand new episodes of Justin and his box of giggle-inducing characters. (And I do mean 'singing' - watch out for a new character called 'Opera Oliver' later in the series.)

When we learned early last year that there was to be a second series of Gigglebiz, Justin and I sat down over a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit or six to discuss which of the characters from Series One we felt we absolutely had to keep. And Justin was champing at the bit to reel off his ideas for new characters, so we also had a few tough decisions about which characters were going to have a bit of a rest this time.

We both felt very strongly that the show shouldn't look so different from the first series as to be unrecognisable, but that there should be something new and fresh about it to distinguish it and keep the little ones on their toes and wanting more. Plus, we still wanted it to be a show that the whole family could sit down together and enjoy.

So be prepared to say "ho ho ho and welcome" to Simon Pieman (whom you'll have met briefly if you caught the Christmas special), Opera Oliver, Rod and Annette (for which we were delighted to secure the talents of the very lovely Anita Dobson as Annette), Doctor Doctor and Keith Fit, to name a few. Plus we welcome back many of the favourites from the first series - Major Boogie, Captain Adorable, Dina Lady (who's had a bit of a make-over after this TV lark went to her head a bit), Arthur Sleep, The Lost Pirate, Rapids Johnson and, of course, the ever-fragrant Gail Force whose weather-forecasting skills, I'm happy to report, haven't improved one bit!

As always, we love to receive your feedback, particularly when you pass on to us the comments from your children, so do make use of the various ways of contacting us. On this I can very definitely say I DON'T agree with Captain Adorable when he says, "Please, don't thank us, it's…… what we do!"


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    Comment number 1.

    Hi great show my grandson loves it he is pestering us to find out if the MR Adorable costume is going to be sold etc. anywhere i have told him i doubt it but any way great show

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    Comment number 2.

    Hi Justin and

    I think the new series of Gigglebiz was as eagerly anticipated in our house as any new series of Doctor Who.

    I, sorry we, think Keith Fit is superb. Watch and learn, watch and learn.

    I do however have one question. Why is Captain Adorable no longer in Portmeirion?

    Phil (dad) and Skara

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    Comment number 3.

    Hi Justin and the rest of the Gigglebiz team,

    We just wanted to say that we love the new series of Gigglebiz. Keith Fit is ace. Ever thought of putting him on stage? Or maybe he could have his own show? It is great being able to watch something funny with our children -something that we all enjoy- quality family time.

    As a family we have been watching TV for over 20 year - we know what we're talking aboot .... champion!!


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