Woolly and Tig's tips for overcoming your fears

If you're a grown-up with a little CBeebies fan at home you may have noticed the presence of a small girl and a very wise, furry blue spider in your life lately.

Woolly, (the spider) and Tig (the three-year-old owner of the spider) arrived at CBeebies a couple of months ago. Since then they've become the talk of playgrounds everywhere and the most-watched show on iplayer week after week.

Each five minute episode follows Tig as she experiences different situations - everything from going to the dentist and going swimming, to meeting a man with a beard (yikes!).

Tig - a real three-year-old with real three-year old strops - finds all the experiences pretty challenging, but after a few wise words from Woolly, she manages to turn each situation around and actually enjoy it.

…Now normally, as all parents know, kids can smell someone trying to give them behaviour advice from a mile off, but seemingly if put those words in the mouth of a blue, woolly spider and they can't get enough of it!

Because we parents need all the help we can get, we contacted the production company and got them to take us through the episodes and the issues tackled in each one.

So if your little ones could do with some advice from Woolly on how to handle anything from sharing to hair washes, check out the episode guide below (click 'Read about the characters' for the episode breakdown.

There are also some very sweet anecdotes about what Betsy, the little girl who plays Tig, and the team went through when filming the situations for real...


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