New Waybuloo!

UPDATE FROM CBEEBIES TEAM: Thanks for all your comments - its great to see how passionate you are about the show. We've listened to all your feedback and have decided to revert to the original format for the show in Bedtime from tonight onwards. Thanks for all your views - keep them coming!

Waybuloo returns on Monday in a brand new format. We asked the show's executive producer Vanessa Hill to tell us a bit about the new look show:

I've been with the show since it started over four years ago and we all felt that we'd now like to try something a bit different to change parents and children's experience of the show.

We know that our fans love the Piplings, the show's positive outlook and the chance to get down on the living room floor and join in with some yogo - so obviously all of that had to stay.

But we wanted to make the show easier for families to watch together, engaging older siblings as well as making it more fun for parents and careers to enjoy the action too. So we've done two things. Firstly we've reduced the episodes. But more importantly we've built up the innate and gentle humour of the show by adding a narrator.

And what a narrator we've got! We've struck gold again with the brilliant Dave Lamb, who I'm certain many mums and dads will know from Come Dine With Me and older siblings will recognise from CBBC's hit Gory Games. I've previously worked with Dave on Big Barn Farm so I knew he'd be perfect. And Dave has a young daughter himself so knew Waybuloo well before we asked him to join the show. He brings his trademark inimitable and humorous style to the series, acting as a light-hearted guide for children, but also their parents, to the Piplings' adventures in Nara.

So I hope that we've created a series that is funnier, clearer in the stories it tells to our audience and is something the whole family will enjoy together.


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