Maths Month on CBeebies Grown-ups

Producer, CBeebies Grown-ups

Did you know that babies start to learn maths long before they can walk or talk? According to a recent study, children have an abstract sense of numbers by the age of seven months!

Once they’re a little older, children with good numeracy skills are more likely to go on to earn more and stay in education longer, and they’re less likely to be unemployed as adults. Despite this, 17 million people in the UK have numeracy skills that are below those needed for the lowest grade at GCSE.

The key to success in maths lies in children having positive early experiences of numeracy. That’s why this week we were thrilled to launch a new series of CBeebies’ flagship numeracy show, Numtums. After consulting with leading maths experts it was decided that the aim for this series should be to extend the Numtums fun for older children in order to help them develop the maths skills needed to turn them into happy and confident mathematicians in the classroom. That’s why this series sees more advanced concepts like ordinal numbers and number bonds woven into exciting stories for 4-6 year olds.

Whatever stage your little one is at, parents can make a huge difference to their child’s maths ability, but for those of us who are not particularly enthusiastic or confident about maths ourselves, knowing where to start can be a bit of a problem!

Two pieces of good news here: 
  1. If you’re a parent, you’re probably doing maths with your little one every day already! Getting dressed, baking, going to the shops, singing nursery rhymes all involve maths. Maths is everywhere and just helping your child realise that and having fun doing it is half the battle.

  2. Because we love to be helpful at CBeebies we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve created a parent’s guide covering everything you need to know about numeracy, and we’re dedicating a whole month to sharing top tips to develop your child’s maths skills


This handy guide for parents complete with mini-videos explains how children’s understanding of maths develops, and is packed full of ideas and tips for how you can help your child gain these vital skills. All of them can be done in the course of your everyday life – don’t tell anyone but they’re actually quite fun!


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