Cbeebies Blog: Mr Bloom's Nursery is here - by Mr Bloom!

My name is Ben Faulks. I am a Cornish born actor and writer based in Manchester.
It's been over 2 years since I first wheeled a pram full of baby vegetables into the BBC. Thankfully, I wasn't redirected down the road to Shepherds Bush Market…
I'd written an interactive theatre show about baby vegetables and been touring it around the UK and Europe for a few years before having the idea of how it could be adapted for TV. Thank the sky, the idea caught the attention of the BBC and so began what would eventually become Mr Blooms Nursery.

2009 saw the idea begin development, with lots of trips down to London, working up the idea and debating whether Margaret really was the right name for a cabbage. Then came 2010 where the production actually started, and in Manchester of all places! Half the filming was in a studio and the other half on location. Needless to say it rained (a lot) but it didn't stop us. All the children for the series came from the local area and weren't actors or trained in any way, so the interactions between them, myself and the puppets have a really natural feel to them. Mix that up with a spot of gardening, singing and dancing vegetables and I think we've got an interesting mix!

The fact that this is the first CBeebies in-house show out of Manchester is brilliant. Having lived and worked here for the last 10 years it's a fantastic feeling and with the launch only just around the corner, I can't blooming wait!


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