So, it's that time of year again, July is underway. Time to roll up your sleeves, don the wellies and get out in the garden for a spot of good old... Television making!?! Yup, that's right we're going back to the Nursery for a second series and I cant bloomin' wait!
The news that we were going to get 'another go' with The Veggies this year was fantastic. By the end of filming the last year there were lots of excited thoughts floating around about improvements, developments, elaborations that could all be made IF we got a second series. Well as of Monday 4th we'll be implementing those pipe dreams so please, if you want to do 'Sunshine dance' over the weekend to ward off any looming bad weather, we'd much appreciate it. (In fact, if you could keep it up for the next 4 weeks, that'd be even better...)

In addition to 25 brand new episodes of top Veggie action, there's also a wild card been thrown into the mix as a cheeky 26th. It's a 'Mr Bloom Special' and features Mr B and the Veggies going out into the wilds of the North West to visit the Tiddlers. The premise involves transforming an unused public area into a spanking new community garden and it's pretty exciting. Work began on this last week, where we shot the initial scenes. It's a great project that requires a completely new format for everyone to get their heads round, so it's all hands to the pump, but fingers crossed it'll be a fantastic addition to the new series.

As for the remaining 25 Episodes, you can expect everything that featured in the first series, as well as a few next extras. There are two new Veggies in the nursery (more news on them later..), Compo seems to have undergone a bit of an upgrade plus, there's a whole lot more to be heard from Sebastian, the debonair Aubergine. This time round it's been an even greater pleasure writing and devising for the show. Knowing how it looks, how the characters / puppets respond, how the Tiddlers can be involved it's really allowed us to push the boat out creatively. In addition, now, when the Tiddlers roll up to the TV set, they'll be bringing expectations and preconceptions of what they've seen on the box at home. I'm really looking forward to this. Now they know the veggies, their characters and also Mr Bloom it will be interesting to see how this may affect the show.

Harking on about this point, when we were filming the special episode last week we were working next to a school. Naturally. at the end of the day a veritable tribe of infants surrounded our location to see what was going on. Usually I don't get spotted as Mr Bloom, but given I was dressed in the costume and that there were camera's all over the place, there was little choice but to own up. However, it was really inspiring to hear their responses to the show and it's characters. Admittedly, there was a fair amount of heckling such as , 'Can you autograph my forehead?' and 'Is that your real hair!?!' but also impersonations of the characters, song singing / chanting and insight into what they were enjoying about it all. One child asked me, (with a completely straight face) 'Mr Bloom? When are you going to take your mask off?' That's it I thought. It's out there now, in the public realm. Anything could happen. Be prepared!

Thanks to everyone who posted questions for me - I think I'm going to be grilled with the rest of them at a later date but here are a couple of choice ones I've been given:
If you could be a vegetable, what would you be and why?

If I could be a vegetable I would want to be Spinach. It's fab word, the leaves look super comfortable and it's not buried down deep down in the ground, (wouldn't like that). That said, when playing this game with others I have been told that I'm much more like root ginger!?! Not sure what that says about me, but there you go.

Do you find yourself singing the 'Meet the Veggies' song when you're not in the garden?

Yes. I sing Meet The Veggies everyday. There's no avoiding it. It's inevitable. I usually try and sing it in the morning, with a view to getting it out the way, leaving the rest of the day 'Veggie Free'. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't and I end up with a refrain in the late afternoon. Either way, it hasn't driven me over the edge which I think is testimony to the superb composer. He's done a proper good job there!

Ben (Mr Bloom)


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