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I'm Dan - Producer working in CBeebies and proud dad of a five-year-old daughter who watches CBeebies even when I'm not testing new programme ideas on her - so I hope that means we're doing something right!

I'm very pleased and proud to be able to say that Tree Fu Tom, the show I have been working on for the best part of five years, is soon to launch on the CBeebies channel.

We think Tree Fu Tom will be unlike anything you've ever seen before on CBeebies or anywhere on Children's TV.

Tree Fu Tom is a fun fast-paced adventure show which is packed with amazing roller-coaster action sequences, so will probably be most enjoyed by the older end of the CBeebies audience.

The show may surprise little ones - so if you do have younger children, you may want to watch the first episodes with them to talk about how exciting it is.

It's different but of course embodies everything you've come to expect and trust from a CBeebies show; everything always works out in the end and every episode has a strong emotional theme and a moral lesson.

In a nutshell, Tree Fu Tom is an epic, comedy, fantasy, action-adventure series following the amazing adventures of a young boy from our world called Tom.

Tom is able to create magic by doing sequences of cool-looking, simple, fun movements called 'Tree Fu'. Using Tree Fu, Tom is able to transform into a magical superhero, travelling to 'Treetopolis' - an enchanted, miniature world nestled in an ancient tree at the bottom of his garden.

In every adventure there are critical moments when Tom's normal action and magic skills are not enough to overcome the challenges that he and his friends face.

At these times the audience is encouraged to get up and copy Tom's Tree Fu moves to help create 'Big World Magic'. In this way, the audience can help Tom to save the day, and be heroes too!

What the children won't know is that the 'Tree Fu' spell moves they're copying have all been designed by Child Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists from the movements that experts use to help children with conditions like Dyspraxia to assist and enhance the development of all participating children (whether they have movement challenges or not).

The movements are designed to teach children new skills and help them improve their abilities in foundation movements essential for all complex movement - anything from learning to write to playing football.

I was inspired to create Tree Fu Tom because I found out that many children today are not being exposed to or experiencing the full range of movements they need to develop typically.

I felt that we should use the power of TV and the web to do something to support movement development at this critical time in their lives.

Tree Fu Tom is also a fully multiplatform production which means it comes with an amazing online experience through which children can enter the magical world of Treetopolis.

Using Webcam technology children can move to make Tree Fu magic and become the hero in amazing interactive action adventure stories with Tom and his friends.

So, as Tom says, "Come on, join in, time for Tree Fu!". I hope you enjoy the show!

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