Mr Bloom's Nursery Behind the Scenes

Mr Bloom's Nursery series 2 has begun! Phew!

For the production team (who have worked so brilliantly and so hard), most of 2011 was spent coming up with the storylines, planning for the filming and crafting the finished product you now see! We all hope you and your tiddlers enjoy them! And I mean YOU because we know that the series has a very healthy grown-up fanbase. It's always fun to read on social media networks about how apparently sane and civilised adults are caught singing Meet the Veggies on the commute to work, or how some can't pass the fruit and veg aisle without doffing their cap to Joan! And as for Mr Bloom's popularity amongst the Mums ... well, I won't go there!

So, for all those grown-ups - well, that is those of us who are really just children trapped in bigger bodies - the following video clips are for you. When the cameras were rolling this year we captured a couple of moments which reveal a lot about the veggies that would normally lay on the cutting room floor. All I can say is ... having made these public, I'm expecting a call from Raymond's agent!



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