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Rastamouse live in Salford, post gig interview

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Tim, CBeebies Team | 15:33 UK time, Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew


After stepping off the CBeebies stage at the Summer in the City event in Salford, we managed to get an exclusive interview with the one and only Rastamouse...

How was that for you Rastamouse?

Dat was a wicked gig an' dem likkle ones out dere got into da groove fi sure.

How does the crowd up here in Salford compare with back home in Mouseland?

Mi nah sure dem eat as many cheese pies wid Bandulu's special hot sauce up here but wherever Da Easy Crew play we always feel dem positive vibes!

Did you manage to catch anyone else's set? What was your highlight?

Da Zingzillas were bustin' some crucial moves out dere an' meetin' up wid Alex an' Cerrie is always a lot ah fun. Da highlight... Mmm... seein' dem likkle ones laughin, looking irie an' dancin' free.

We're looking forward to seeing you back on CBeebies - you've got a new series starting soon haven't you?

Dere's some wicked new adventures startin' on da channel on da 20th August.

Can you tell us anything about the adventures you and the Easy Crew will be getting up to?

Dere's been some intriguin' mysteries goin' down recently, like da reason Aunt Janessa lost her voice, Wensley's missin' golf ball an' a wicked trip to da moon. Da Prez say it really does look like cheese!

We hear Mouseland has a new radio show - is that right?

Lil Patch is broadcastin' loud an direc' on CBeebies radio wid her boombastic new show on For Real FM. She's been playin' some bangin' choons, interviewin' special guests an' gettin' listeners ta tek part in her wicked quiz 'ten second ah ting'.

Were any athletes from Mouseland at the Olympics? If so, how did they do?

Mi tink 2012 was da year fi Bolt, Blake an' Wier but da President is chattin' wid Shorty 'bout mekin an impact in Rio. See ya dere!Rastamouse doing the Usain Bolt pose

How about for those little ones who like learning on the computer - are there any games to play with you and the Easy Crew on the CBeebies website?

Dere's some bare talented people workin' at da BBC an' dem's been helpin' put togedda a wicked dance game an' dere's gonna be a crucial new picture maker on da website real soon.

What would be your advice to any young ones starting out in music?

Play what ya love cos dat way ya keepin' it real an' havin' fun at da same time. An' remember practice meks perfec'.

Can you tell us a bit about 'Making a bad ting good' - why is it so important to you?

Nuff nuff people see a bad ting an' feel it should stay dat way den complain 'bout how bad it is. But we know a bad ting can turn into someting good wid love, care an' understandin'.


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