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Media city

Hello, my name’s Alison and I’m the Head of CBeebies Production, Animation and Acquisitions – yes, I know that’s a bit of a mouthful!  I look after the BBC in-house teams who produce much of the TV, Radio and Online content for the Channel and I also work with the animation companies who make many more of your favourite CBeebies programmes.

This is a very exciting time for us – we’ve started to move into our brand new home at Media City in Salford.  The first teams arrived here at the beginning of June, and over the next few months our numbers will grow as more people move from London and we’re joined by new colleagues from the North of England.  Not everyone can make the move though, and so sadly we’re having to say goodbye to some of our London colleagues …

As well as moving house, we’re busy making new shows, producing new content for the website and setting up a new CBeebies Radio service online  – you’ll have heard about some of these things already, but I have some new news as well! 

Let’s start with TV -
•    Location filming has begun for a new series of Mr. Bloom’s Nursery
•    Later in the summer we’ll start making another series of ZingZillas in the studios at Media City. 
•    Something Special finished filming this week for the latest series and will be on your screens soon.

And that’s not all – we’re producing two brand new series this Summer. 

•    Firstly, The Lingo Show, which introduces your little ones to different languages, is coming to television after its amazingly successful launch on the CBeebies website early this year.
•    And then there’s Justin’s House, starring …. yes, you’ve guessed it …. Justin Fletcher!  This will be a show full of fun, songs and mayhem as Justin is joined by some familiar faces from CBeebies and beyond.

On the website - 
•    If you have’t tried it already, check out the fantastic My CBeebies Garden where your child can explore different environments, interact with CBeebies characters and even make the weather change! 
•    Coming soon is a brilliant new website for Something Special, with games, new footage and a library of Makaton signs for you to learn.
•    The new Grown Ups site is getting more exciting every day, and when it launches it will be packed with all sorts of fun and interesting stuff for you parents and carers, helping you to get the most out of all our programmes.

Radio on the go –
As of this week, you can now explore new CBeebies radio content via the website, with specially created material for “Little Listeners” aged 2 and 3, and “Big Listeners” aged 4-6.  There are stories, songs and more, and here’s the best bit  - you can listen with your child online or download content and take it away with you.  Play it in the car on your next journey, or just keep it handy so your child can listen to CBeebies Radio wherever you are. Alex has done a great ‘how to’ video explaining it all – check it out here.


You can see we’re going to be busy over the coming months!  So enjoy the rest of your Summer, and watch and listen out for all this great new content on CBeebies.

I’ll be back soon to tell you more!




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