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Something Special - the new series is coming!

Allan - Producer, Something Special | 11:43 UK time, Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mr Tumble


The Something Special team is currently out and about filming another series .  Justin, Mr Tumble, the Tumble family, the film crew, our Makaton trainers and of course the stars of the show, the children, are all working hard to create 25 brand new programmes.

To date we have already completed half of the filming. We have been down to the Tumble House to witness Mr Tumble pretending to be a doctor, baking some delicious cakes and seen all the Tumbles competing in their own version of  X Factor.  Aunt Polly does a lovely rendition of I’m a Little Tea Pot and really makes it her own!

We have also met some truly wonderful children and their families while  filming the ‘Justin’ element of the show. We have been playing Rugby with the Saracens team,  spent a day with the Beaver Scouts, been shopping for a pet and visited a gorgeous sensory garden.

The filming days are always a lot of fun but it is the magic that we witness when Justin meets the children that makes them something truly special. Justin has this amazing innate ability to connect and communicate with children and it’s fascinating to just sit back and watch him engage with our young contributors. One little girl almost exploded when she met him and I turned round to see half the film team in floods of tears. 

Something Special is now into it’s 7th series and our aim still remains the same. We want to help children with learning and communication difficulties find their voice as well as giving them a voice on national television.  It has been inspiring to see how signing has developed and grown amongst our target audience over the past eight years. But what is deeply satisfying is meeting mainstream children who have also  learnt to sign as a result of watching the Programme. Signing is no longer restricted to the special needs world, all children regardless of their needs and ability are learning to sign and are communicating with each other.

The past 12 months have been quite amazing for the Something Special team. In November we were honoured to receive the  Bafta for the Best Pre School Programme. Justin also won the Best Presenter Bafta for his work on Something Special . But what capped the evening was when Gary Barlow turned up to present the Best Channel Award. He told the audience that he had agreed to break his tour and present the award on one condition....that he could meet Mr Tumble!!!  Little did we know he is a huge fan and that he had picked up a few signs along the way.

The new series of Something Special will be shown in September in the usual slot 09.45 and 14.45. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them....




  • Comment number 1.

    will there be any more dvd's coming out? i can only find one, and my doughter has pritty much lernt all them signs, was wondering if you would do an alphabet one witch she could relate words together with picturs, aswell as lerning the alphabet, with the sign language, nicola

  • Comment number 2.

    My son and I (and daddy) are sooooooooooo excited for new Something Special!!! This program has been a godsend to us, not only does my son absolutely love Justin it's educational, teaches him even at a very young age that everyone is the same regardless if they have special needs. We also love it because he becomes so very absorbed in the program and it gives us that much needed 15-20 minutes quiet time which is amazing since my son does not normally stay still or quiet for more than 2 minutes at a time lol!!!
    Thank you Justin and cbeebies :)

  • Comment number 3.

    My son has autism, global developmental delay, sensory processing disorder and ADHD. His actual age is six, but developmetally he is three years old. He absolutely loves Justin, Mr Tumble and Something Special! It is the one programme that he will sit and watch from start - finish. I believe that the programe has definately helped his understanding, speech and communication skills, so a huge, huge thank you to Justin and the show! It is fantastic that the programme promotes inclusiveness for all and show cases special needs children in a very positive light!

  • Comment number 4.

    i would like to thank Mr Tumble and Justin, for keeping my 2 children (one 9 one 2) quiet on many journeys or when having a quiet evening, could you please point me to the location of Tumble House , i believe its devon way and have told my children if its possible i would treat them to a weekend away and take them to the house .. keep all the good work up and roll on september ....

  • Comment number 5.

    My daughter is obsessed with Something Special. Justin and Mr Tumble is like a miracle in my house as my daughter has Autism and could not talk and had much difficulty communicating. Now after seeing your show whilst in the UK on holidays we have been able to only find a limited amount of the show but it has made a MASSIVE difference. She is developing speech and is able to communicate by signing small amounts. Every time she does something new from the show it brings a tear to my eye. THANK YOU so very much for your show, I just wish in Australia we had something special like you do.

  • Comment number 6.

    I would just like to say a massive thank you to Justin and everyone who is involved in Mr Tumble, My daughter absolutly adores Justin and the Tumble. In the last day Summer has learned that when you ask where her nose is, she touches her nose and goes ' uh uh 'just like mr tumble :) i believe she actually learnt what her nose was as she started copying 'take your finger and touch your nose' from watching mr Tumble. She is only 15months and even sings along to the hello song, which myself and all the family know and we all sing it to her all the time. Mr tumble is so captivating i even find myself watching it and learning the signs which is fantastic by any means. Mr tumble or singing the hello song is the only thing that cheers Summer up everytime without fail, and the only thing she will wake up to watch if she is having a nap :) I met a lovey lady a month or so ago who does the adverts for Cbeebies and all we talked about was Justin and Mr Tumble and she said what a lovely man he truly is in person as well. Well done to everyone at Cbeebies for doing a fantastic job, keep it up
    All Our Love
    Sophie & Summer

  • Comment number 7.

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