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Everything's Rosie Returns

Everything's Rosie


The reaction to Everything's Rosie has been extraordinary for all of the team working on the series but none more so than for Vickie Corner, Producer at V&S Entertainment, who first had the vision to create a preschool series about 'a little girl and a blue rabbit' nine years ago.
Today we have a superbly talented team who combine original storytelling and the very best voice talent and direction, with first class CGI animation to bring Rosie and her friends to life.
We wanted to produce a show which looked vibrant and contemporary yet embraced traditional values about friendship and community. Importantly, we wanted to stimulate the imagination of preschoolers and tap into their dreams and aspirations.  Every episode sets Rosie and her friends a seemingly impossible challenge which together they overcome in a funny, refreshing and unpredictable way.  So whether they want to discover how to hide an Oak tree, fly to the moon or catch an echo, with a little help from her friends, Rosie makes it happen. 
For many of us on the show, Rosie is more than simply a preschool character, she is like a daughter.  Not only does she occasionally keep us awake at night, she gives us great joy and grows in character everyday.
We hope you enjoy the twenty six new adventures of Rosie and her friends which starts this week on CBeebies every day at 7:50am.  A big thank you to the girls at CBeebies for all their support and enthusiasm, but the biggest thanks goes to you and your children for tuning in. 
Best Wishes

The CBeebies bedtime hour is changing...

Kay - Controller, CBeebies Kay - Controller, CBeebies | 16:48 UK time, Wednesday, 11 May 2011

moon reading story



I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the wonderful holiday weather.   

As the seasons change we like to refresh the line up on CBeebies and across the summer we are   going to be changing the shows that are in the Bedtime Hour.  At CBeebies we understand that this is an important part of a family’s evening routine and we always ensure that we let you know what's going to happen in advance, so that you can prepare! There will also be trailers on the channel to remind viewers that bedtime will be changing  and we hope these will  help you explain to your child that certain shows might not be on when they  expect  them. 

We make very careful and considered changes to the Bedtime Hour as we know it can be a vital part of the bedtime routine. Across the year we also want to provide a good mix and variety of programmes, so that all our viewers can enjoy their favourite shows.

So here are the details - from Monday 30th May the 'Bedtime Hour' will have a 'starry new line up' with  familiar  favourites joining bedtime.  From 6.00pm the ever popular 'Charlie & Lola' and '64 Zoo Lane' are welcomed back  to join 'In The Night Garden' followed by the usual 'Bedtime Story',  in the final slot of the day.  

We are really excited as Charlie Higson (from the Fast Show) will be reading the bedtime stories in that week and one of my favourite actresses will also feature across the summer -  the wonderful Shelia Hancock  - so do look out for Charlie and Sheila ! 

This means that 'Waybuloo' will not be in the Bedtime Hour across the summer.  However you can still see the  Piplings, weekdays on CBeebies at 11.15 and 15.10 and weekends at 13.00.  If you have access to the iPlayer, episodes will be available for catch up to view anytime.  We've been told that when we changed the shows in bedtime before, some parents and carers recorded the shows so that they had episodes ready to play at 6.00pm when the schedule changed.  Waybuloo fans will be pleased to know that  brand  new episodes will be coming in autumn!

I do hope that you find this advance information helpful . Please do let us know your thoughts about bedtime and what works for you, as it is such an important part of the day for families  with young children. 

Best Wishes


Something Special - the new series is coming!

Allan - Producer, Something Special | 11:43 UK time, Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mr Tumble


The Something Special team is currently out and about filming another series .  Justin, Mr Tumble, the Tumble family, the film crew, our Makaton trainers and of course the stars of the show, the children, are all working hard to create 25 brand new programmes.

To date we have already completed half of the filming. We have been down to the Tumble House to witness Mr Tumble pretending to be a doctor, baking some delicious cakes and seen all the Tumbles competing in their own version of  X Factor.  Aunt Polly does a lovely rendition of I’m a Little Tea Pot and really makes it her own!

We have also met some truly wonderful children and their families while  filming the ‘Justin’ element of the show. We have been playing Rugby with the Saracens team,  spent a day with the Beaver Scouts, been shopping for a pet and visited a gorgeous sensory garden.

The filming days are always a lot of fun but it is the magic that we witness when Justin meets the children that makes them something truly special. Justin has this amazing innate ability to connect and communicate with children and it’s fascinating to just sit back and watch him engage with our young contributors. One little girl almost exploded when she met him and I turned round to see half the film team in floods of tears. 

Something Special is now into it’s 7th series and our aim still remains the same. We want to help children with learning and communication difficulties find their voice as well as giving them a voice on national television.  It has been inspiring to see how signing has developed and grown amongst our target audience over the past eight years. But what is deeply satisfying is meeting mainstream children who have also  learnt to sign as a result of watching the Programme. Signing is no longer restricted to the special needs world, all children regardless of their needs and ability are learning to sign and are communicating with each other.

The past 12 months have been quite amazing for the Something Special team. In November we were honoured to receive the  Bafta for the Best Pre School Programme. Justin also won the Best Presenter Bafta for his work on Something Special . But what capped the evening was when Gary Barlow turned up to present the Best Channel Award. He told the audience that he had agreed to break his tour and present the award on one condition....that he could meet Mr Tumble!!!  Little did we know he is a huge fan and that he had picked up a few signs along the way.

The new series of Something Special will be shown in September in the usual slot 09.45 and 14.45. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them....



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