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  1. CBeebies Peter Pan: Ben's story

    Tuesday 16 December 2014, 10:31

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    Ben Faulks (Peter) in rehearsal for CBeebies Peter Pan

    Ben Faulks (Mr Bloom) plays Peter Pan in this year's CBeebies Christmas show, Peter Pan - which you can see for the first time on Friday 19th December at 5pm. We caught up with Ben to find out what it was like to play Peter...

    How does it feel to be the star of the CBeebies Christmas show?!

    It’s a huge pleasure to get the role of Peter Pan. It’s a character I’ve grown up with having been read the story as a child, so to get the chance to fill his boots is extremely exciting. There’s a lot to play with too, as he’s brave but reckless, petulant then all of a sudden the life and soul of the party.  I tried to remember what it was like to be a young boy so being the elder brother of three siblings has gone a long way to helping me prepare for this, (Joe & Beth, my life long apologies...)

    2.       Can you tell us a bit about the process of rehearsing and filming the show – what did it involve? We had limited time to get it on its feet: three days rehearsal & two days technical rehearsal on stage but it was an exciting process.  In some ways it was the best of both worlds for us performers because we were building towards both a live show and a broadcast performance....

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  2. How our family celebrates: Chanukah

    Monday 15 December 2014, 10:12

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    In a new series of blogs, we’re asking CBeebies grown-ups to share with us their family
    celebrations. First up, Jane and Keith, who have five year old twins and an older son, tell us
    about their celebration of the Jewish festival of Chanukah (Hanukkah)...
    Can you explain a little bit about what Chanukah is, and when it falls this year?
    The festival of Chanukah lasts for eight nights. A Jewish day begins at nightfall on the previous evening, so this year Chanukah begins at nightfall on Tuesday 16th December (the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev). Candles are lit every night until the last ones on 23rd December, and the festival ends at dusk on the 24th.
    Chanukah celebrates the story of Judah Maccabee and his brothers, who, over 2000 years ago, restored their Temple in Jerusalem after it had been taken over by the Syrian Greeks.
    When the Maccabees arrived in the Temple, they could only find enough oil to keep the everlasting light lit for a single day. Knowing that it would take eight days to pick and press pure new olive oil, they lit the lamp from the final pure flask, and to their surprise it lasted for the whole 8 days – that’s why we light candles each night during Chanukah...

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  3. Hey Duggee comes to CBeebies

    Friday 12 December 2014, 08:27

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    Hey Duggee and the Squirrels

    This Christmas we're welcoming a brand new show to CBeebies. Hey Duggee makes its debut with the festive 'Tinsel Badge' episode, which will be shown for the first time on Wednesday 17th December at 5.25pm. More episodes will follow in the new year, so we asked Jackie, the show's executive producer to tell us a little bit more about Duggee and friends...

    1. Can you tell us a bit about Hey Duggee and what your role involes?
    I’m Jackie Edwards, the Executive Producer for CBeebies Animation and Acquisitions, the department that selects and looks after most of the animated series you will see on CBeebies.
    Hey Duggee is a funny and fantastic new animated series on the channel.  It was created by the Oscar nominated director Grant Orchard, and is made in London by a company called Studio AKA who are best known for their work on commercials.  The series is about a group of young animals who are part of the Squirrel Club, which is a bit like cub scouts or beavers.  The leader of the Squirrels is a big brown dog called Duggee.  Every day the Squirrels – Roly, Norrie, Betty, Tag and Happy - are all brought to the Squirrel Club by their parents.  In every episode they learn something...

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  4. CBeebies Peter Pan: The Producer's story

    Thursday 11 December 2014, 11:26

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    CBeebies Peter Pan rehearsals

    There are just a few days to go until this year's CBeebies panto, Peter Pan, is shown for the first time (see it on CBeebies on 19th December at 5pm). We chatted to Jon, the show's producer about the awesome task of pulling together our festive extravanganza...

    Hi, Jon! Can you tell us a bit about this year’s CBeebies Christmas Show?

    This year's CBeebies Christmas show is (drumroll please): Peter Pan! A brilliant story about childhood, friendship and families - and perfect for Christmas! I'm the Producer, so I've overseen both the theatre show and the filming of it for TV and it's been...

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  5. CBeebies Presenters remember their childhood Christmases

    Friday 5 December 2014, 11:47

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    CBeebies Presenters: Childhood Christmas photos
    How well do you remember your childhood Christmases? We took CBeebies presenters Andy, Alex, Aneta, Cat, Katy and Cerrie down memory lane to find out about what Christmas meant to them growing up…
    What are your favourite memories of Christmas from when you were little?
    Playing board games with my family at home. My mum's brother was a complete cheat! He always got caught and we'd all laugh about it.
    What is your favourite Christmas food and why?
    I love turkey! It's traditional and feels like Christmas. I also *love* good roast potatoes – crispy on the outside!
    What would you like Father...

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  6. CBeebies Bedtime Story: Ore Oduba

    Thursday 4 December 2014, 16:43

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    Ore Oduba in the CBeebies House

    We chatted to BBC Sport presenter Ore Oduba about reading the bedtime story on CBeebies, and how he chose which of his childhood favourites to read...


    Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


    Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

    Hi, I’m Ore. I’m a huge sports fan and I’m really lucky to do a job that I love. I’m a sports TV presenter at the BBC and work on lots of different shows, including BBC Breakfast. That does mean sometimes I have to wake up REALLY early in the morning, but I work with a wonderful team and it’s a great show.

    What was it like reading the bedtime...

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  7. Boj: sew or knit your own Boj

    Friday 28 November 2014, 11:16

     Mollie Mollie CBeebies Grown-ups

    CBeebies Grown-ups Blog
    If you have Boj fans in your house and you're into your sewing or knitting why not use our patterns to make them their very own cuddly Boj! We’d love to see your creations – share a picture of your finished Boj with us on the CBeebies Facebook or Twitter pages.

    Download the Boj sewing pattern here to make your little one their very own cuddly Boj toy.

    Download the Boj knitting chart here to add him to jumpers or cushions.

    CBeebies Grown-ups Blog


  8. CBeebies everywhere

    Thursday 27 November 2014, 14:33

     Sally Sally Senior Producer

    We all know that technology is changing very fast at the moment, and this is influencing our online habits.  This is especially true with children.  A few years ago, almost everyone using the CBeebies website would have come to it through a desktop computer, but the last few years have seen many more ways emerge for children to play games and other activities online.
    This chart shows how dramatically times have changed, even since 2012.  It shows which devices people have visited our website on.  This year, visits on tablet devices have overtaken desktop computers for the first time.  So, we...

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  9. First pets: CBeebies presenters share their memories

    Wednesday 26 November 2014, 12:09

     Mollie Mollie CBeebies Grown-ups

    We’re celebrating all things fluffy, furry, crawly and cuddly with We Love Pets on CBeebies! We chatted to Alex, Andy, Cerrie, Katy, Cat and Aneta about their memories of childhood pets – not to mention some of the amazing creatures they’ve worked with as presenters…



    Did you have pets growing up? If so, what were they and what were their names?
    We had goldfish – Draper, Taylor and Sammy.  Sammy lived forever – about  12 years! And we also had Joey the budgie.
    What’s your saddest memory of your childhood pet?
    My sister and I were once taken to France for the day by my aunty...

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  10. Children and pets: advice from the My Pet and Me vet

    Monday 24 November 2014, 13:29

     Kate Kate CBeebies Grown-ups

    Presenter Ferne finding out how to care for a hamster in CBeebies' My Pet and Me.

    We chatted to Adam Tjolle MRCVS, the pet care advisor for our new series My Pet and Me (weekdays at 4.15pm from Monday 24th November 2014) about his role in making the series...

    Hi Adam, can you tell us a bit about your role in My Pet and Me?

    I’m a vet with over 20 years’ experience in practice, I am very lucky to work with some fabulous pets, vets, nurses and clients at one of Scotland's leading veterinary hospitals.

    I was a pet care advisor for My Pet and Me, and it was my job to make sure that the individual pets’ welfare was always considered during the filming.

    Do you think owning...

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