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All the Deadly Planet codes released on the show

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Live 'n' Deadly Jey | 15:01 UK time, Thursday, 1 December 2011

Deadly Planet powers

Deadly Planet powers

If you missed one of the secret codes we revealed on the show, fear not, they are all here:

Night Vision of Aye-Aye

Paw, Scorpion, Skull, Bat

Stealth of Leopard

Skull, Track, Centipede, Spider

Strength of Bear

Snake, Scorpion, Boot, Spider

Sight of Bald Eagle

Centipede, Spider, Boot, Scorpion

Aqua-Batics of Otter

Paw, Track, Croc, Skull

Power of Great White Shark

Scorpion, Boot, Paw, Snake

Aim of Chameleon

Croc, Skull, Centipede, Spider

Camouflage of Rattlesnake

Spider, Boot, Bat, Croc

Reflex of Spear Mantis Shrimp

Croc, Snake, Paw, Scorpion

Deadliness of Honey Badger

Bat, Centipede, Croc, Skull


There are also other codes you can get from completing Deadly Scramble and the first 2 levels of Deadly Dash 1 and Deadly Dash 2. You would have also received one if you came to a Deadly Day Out or did a DSI.

So what's your favourite part of Deadly Planet?



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