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Bryan Burnett | 19:30 UK time, Monday, 21 November 2011

Despite the shouty-ness of tonight's theme there was total silence on our studio tonight. It was embarrasingly down to the fact that my over enthusiasim for the volume control during Born in the USA blew the speakers, or as Miss Babs told our tech guy: "Oooh we seem to have done something that has made the speakers go silent!" I ask you - what kind of hi-fi can't handle a bit of Springsteen??

As Bucks Fizz fans will testify, the camera never lies - although looking at the wrinkles in that photo I wish that were not the case. That song was pre-digital though so I guess it's up there with Half a Sixpence and C30,C60,C90 Go as songs which are out of date.

Tomorrow's theme is 'photography' and I wonder what will be the picture for tomorrow night's show. I want to avoid Blur but definitely want Focus. I'll accept both songs and artists with photographic connections so that could be anything from Roddy Frame to Girls on Film.



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