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Murder on the dancefloor...

Bryan Burnett | 18:03 UK time, Tuesday, 5 January 2010

6956.jpgThe presenters of BBC Radio Scotland have truly bought into our 'New Year/New You' season. And from cookbooks to the Caledonian Canal we will be putting ourselves on the line and exposing bits of ourselves never seen before. And I don't just mean Gary Robertson's legs. All of us will be aiming to inspire you to make some kind of change to your life this year. I have decided to try and overcome one of my greatest fears - getting on the dancefloor. For years now, my complete lack of rhythm and coordination has been a constant source of amusement to those closest to me. Well guess what? The 'Burnett Bop' is about to hit the dancefloors in 2010. By the end of this month I aim to be able to move in time to music. Trust me - this a major undertaking. When I said last night that I was more likely to move like Michael Aspel than Michael Jackson, I was not kidding. My quest to dance was met with some excitement by Miss Babs and her mother. I think they thought that I'd be learning the foxtrot or pasa doble and might be able to whisk them around the dance floor in the style of Brendan Cole. Sadly when they find out I'm learning a full on, trouser grabbing, streetdance routine I suspect my invite to the next residents association tea dance will be withdrawn! I'll be posting regular updates on the blog and listen out for my audio diary in the next few weeks.



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