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Fashion failures...

Bryan Burnett | 17:34 UK time, Thursday, 21 January 2010

slade.jpgBeards, bridges and beetroot are just three of the things that terrify listeners to Get It On.Thanks to everyone who owned up to their fears and phobias and the tunes that went with them. Some great song choices as well including Yellow Submarine for the lady who found them frightening. If you think that's a weird phobia we also had clowns, frying pans and other people's toes. Tonight we're after your badly dressed bands as we celebrate the acts that were musically gifted but sartorially challenged. It's a case of nice hair - shame about the song as we feature some of pop's worst offenders. Lady Gaga has taken a slagging for some of her get-ups but who will be on your list? Elton John is proof that no matter how much you spend on Versace clobber, money can't buy taste! On the hair front, Dave Hill of Slade has been nominated several times. Looking at the pic above you'll understand why...

and now the pic of Toto Coelo. Sack that stylist...


Here's that link to the Strawberry Switchblade website and of course some photographic evidence of the girls' look... strawberry.jpg



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