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Whistle while you work...

Bryan Burnett | 17:35 UK time, Tuesday, 21 July 2009

whistletest.jpgWhat happens when we blow out some air, create turbulence with our lips, tongue and teeth and get our mouth to act as a resonant chamber? Clue: you'll hear it in everything from 'Dock of the Bay' to 'Jealous Guy'.
Whistling is our theme tonight and as always loads of good tunes to choose from already. The most intriguing is Whistling Jack Smith with 'Kaiser's Bill's Batman'. There's a hilarious clip of 'Jack' performing it on TV in 1967. I notice that people have been commenting that the chap in the clip looks like the actor Patrick Stewart. I reckon he looks more like Rikki Fulton in his Francie and Josie wig. It's a terrible lip sync, but there is a good reason for this as the part of 'Jack' was always played by an actor. The actual whistling was done by a producer in the studio and they hired in some other guy for whistling duties on TV.
Incidentally the song was originally called 'Too Much Birdseed' and was written by Greenaway and Cook who also wrote 'You've Got Your Troubles' and 'Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart'.



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