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Playlist 6 October

Mickey Bradley | 12:12 UK time, Friday, 7 October 2011

How did it ever happen that Sweden would be the home of so many great garage bands like The Nomads. I'm sure there's a fairly rational reason, but let's imagine that a box of Nuggets LPs was left in a Malmo railway station in 1980 - the Sire reissue, not the original Elektra edition. And let's imagine that they were found by a group of bored teenagers; bored with the long dark winters, bored with the expensive beer, and bored with Abba wannabes. They played the LPs on their Bang and Olufsens (cheaper in Sweden than over here) and their ears were opened. Maybe it didn't happen like that. But how else do you explain it ?
There's also a great version in tonight's show of a Dion song, sung by that paragon of health and virture , Johnny Thunders. Look it up on the internet and you'll see Johnny dance. Dance Johnny Dance.

Talking Heads - New Feeling 
oondogs - Talking In The Canteen
Nomads - Five Years Ahead Of My Time
B-52s - Rock Lobster
Alternative TV - Viva Le Rock N Roll
K Subs - Police State
Feelies - Loveless Love
Slaughter & The Dogs - I’m Mad
Big Star - Ballad Of El Goodo
Pirhanas - Happy Families
Johnny Thunders - I Was Born To Cry
Television - Prove It
Pop Group  - Words Disobey Me


  • Comment number 1.

    Good to hear ATV. You're right about the volume of recordings following their first album. Its a pretty mixed bag (with some real gems), particularly if you add in some of the solo stuff. There is a rather fab blog called DIE or D.I.Y? which has descriptions of most of it on (with downloads).

  • Comment number 2.

    YouTube is awash with Moondogs! Some great videos from the Matinee. However did they pull THAT off??
    As for The Nomads... I remember having to sit outside the pub in the car until Janice Long told me who it was playing 'She Pays The Rent' such was the excitement of it.


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