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Playlist 17 June 2010

Bradley's Blog Admin | 12:17 UK time, Friday, 18 June 2010

The singer with the UK Subs is a subject of endless fascination for the presenter of this programme. Charlie Harper was in his 30s when the band were playing in the Roxy Club in


London. Nowadays, thirty doesn't seem to be that old to the regular readers of this blog, I suspect, but in 1977 we were all under instruction not to trust anyone who'd been on this earth for more than three decades. Unless he was John Peel. But a while back, the journalist John Robb described Charlie as not only a punk rock survivor, but a survivor of the British Beat Boom of the 1960s. What a great insight into the UK Subs and a compliment to Charlie, who played a part in the only two British music movements of any note during the past century.
Charlie Harper is 66 and still sings.

B 52s - 52 Girls
Girls At Our Best! - I'm Beautiful Now
John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel
UK Subs - The Same Thing
Stereo Models - Move Fast Stay Ahead
Tweeds - I'm Thru
Triffids - Jesus Calling
Johnny Moped - Panic Button
Glaxo Babies - Avoiding The Issue
The Stems - Can't Resist
Seeds - Up In Her Room (edit)
The Names - Nightshift
Richard Hell - Blank Generation
The Creation - For All That I Am
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers


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