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There Will Be Blood

Bradley's Blog Admin | 12:05 UK time, Thursday, 8 April 2010

Can you spare £45 to help the Gang Of Four make a new record ? Please, mister ? 
If you do, you could end up owning a vial of their blood. Diluted, we're told. Diluted with what , I'm not sure. They're still negotiating the finer points of the health and safety agreement on their plans to offer the pot of of blood, and a scratch and sniff book, for £45 to fund the making of a new record. Sorry, I seem to have just coughed up an 'in my day' but have managed to swallow it again. They need to raise fifty thousand pounds to fund their recording and, presumably, the marketing of  the finished product. It's such a great idea that I'm really annoyed at not having thought of it before. I could have collected the toenail clippings of Feargal Sharkey, the dandruff of John O'Neill (when he had it) and the much used hankies of Damian O'Neill. Why didn't I have the foresight to ask Joe Strummer "Spit into this jam jar, Joe, would you ? I hope to make a record in thirty years and might need to sell it in box set someday. Genuine Strummer Saliva, circa 1979"
I thought one of the benefits of new technology was that recording studios were now a thing of the past ? To make a record these days, all you need to do is move the sofa back against that wall, put a sheet over the budgie to keep it quiet and record your band on your laptop. 
That's what the young people tell me as they help me across the road. Maybe the Gang Of Four should try that and keep their blood where it belongs


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