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3KRP - Kajol, Karan, Khan, Raj & Pablo

Raj&Pablo | 12:49 UK time, Sunday, 7 February 2010

The magic that was an audience with Kajol, Karan Johar & Shah Rukh Khan has left us all elated.  We were in Bollytastic heaven in the historic BBC Radio Theatre. The fun started with the audience - around 200 BBC Asian Network Listeners - YOU GUYS ROCKED!! The love you showed was overwhelming.  A massive thank you to everyone who had waited patiently from 7am- your energy levels were amazing.

Watch the full interview below:

As for the stars, SRK was on form and Kajol exuded impish charm; her laugh is infectious! Karan Johar was on his usual charming self too. They loved Raj & Pablo's 'Garam Garam Aloos' - it brought the house down! It's amazing what you can do with a couple of little tatties.

The show was a rollercoaster of emotional highlights, laughter and all out fun!  Kajol looked amazing in a sari, Karan worked his trademark trendy leather biker jacket and SRK looked every bit the superstar in a suave classic black suit.  

One thing that amazed us about all three of them is the amount of energy they have - SRK proved why he's such a star not only to us, but to Jonathon Ross too.  It takes alot to chat to Jonathon, Lorraine Kelly & John Barryman; ride an exercise contraption, play maracas AND promote the cause of Bollywood. King Khan really did live up to his name!

We were overwhelmed when later that evening he tweeted -  
"....oh world class hectic day...was with raj & pablo for bbc.jonathan ross was so gracious and kind.had a great time with all....." iamsrk
We're so excited about the release of 'My Name Is Khan', it promises to be a ground breaking movie.  From what we've seen Shah Rukh Khan is going to be in a totally different avatar. The reaction from the stars in Mumbai has been fantastic, after watching a preview Preity, Arjun and Ritesh were blown away!

We can't wait for the release next week!

Love Us, Love Bollywood

Raj&Pablo xx


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    What a memorable day/ week .. i was at the audience show and was literally a metre or so away from the world superstars..its not everyday you meet your idol..the baadshah of Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan... And its thanks to you guys; Raj and Pablo and the rest of BBC Asian Love Bollywood ! Thankyou... all guys ! x
    Also how good was that jonathan ross show ..truly magnificent !

    Much love for you all and for Bollywood lol ..:P ! x

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