Severe weather warnings: More snow to come

Tuesday 5 January 2010, 12:46

Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

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There's a very wintry look to the weather across Wales today with Met Office severe warnings in force for heavy snow and ice and there's more heavy snow to come.

We've probably had the worst of the snow for South Wales for time being and most of it will fall in the North and West this afternoon.

The current spell of cold weather started in mid December and has been the most prolonged spell of freezing conditions across the UK since December 1981.

Looking ahead to tonight - an area of low pressure will form over Southern England which will generate more heavy snow.

Central and Southern England look likely to be worst hit but South East Wales could also be affected by heavy snow.

The areas most likely to be affected are:

Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Newport, Rhondda Cynon Taff and Torfaen

Forecasts amount to 5 to 10cm quite widely and as much as 10 to 15cm in places (4 to 6 inches), especially in Newport and Monmouthshire.

This could cause widespread disruption to transport and could affect power supplies.

If you have to travel, take extra care and allow more time for your journey.

Take some warm clothes in your car, a hot drink and just in case - a shovel!


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    Comment number 1.

    You need to get a grip man. 1-2 inches is not "heavy snow" and temperatures above zero do not constitute "severe weather conditions".
    There are 40mph speed limits on the M4 between Cardiff and Newport, not a single flake of snow on any carriageway, although admittedly it is a "bit damp".
    Reporting the weather must be really boring if you have to hype up the conditions in this manner.
    Oh and this is just speculation, but maybe we are having "Wintry weather" because its January and even in these uncertain times and the era of Global Warming Winter is usully around then.
    So please do at least try and communicate a sense of proportion.

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    Comment number 2.

    BBC News:Heavy snowfall alert warning across Wales

    You're damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to forecasting the weather. It's a tight rope walk.

    I think we'd all agree 1-2" doesn't constitute heavy snow but those are your words, not Derek's?

    The Met Office have issued severe weather warnings.

    I guess the motorway speed restrictions can't be switched on and off immediately the snow flakes stop falling and then there's all the surface water left behind on the roads.

    We had heavy snow for about an hour here in Cardiff and then blue sky and sunshine?!

    More snow is forecast for tonight/tomorrow. I'll definitely be packing my shovel in case of avalanches ;)

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    Comment number 3.

    I wasn't really having a go at Derek as much as BBC Wales in general. This morning's radio wales programmes were like reports from embedded reporters in a war zone :)
    This disproportiate response to what are really relatively mild weather conditions, completely unremarkable for the time of year, are helping to turn us into a nation of pussies unable to cope or function in face of even modest adversity.

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    Comment number 4.

    Having started out at 7.45am this morning, I hit severe weather conditions between Whitland and St. Clears and turned back. Cars were sliding everywhere (5 in Llanddewi Velfrey) and lorries jack knifed - the snow was heavy. This afternoon we have had heavy persistent snow, which has caused further disruption on the far west coast of Pembrokeshire - main roads are virtually impassible and the temperature has dropped considerably and winds from the north increasing!

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    Comment number 5.

    Yes, the UK does generally come to a stand still whenever a snow flake hits the ground although these past few weeks have been particularly cold and snowy.

    It does vary greatly too as Jackie has pointed out...

    Scotland has had the worst of it. Apparently there's a shortage of salt up there now!

    But when you compare us to countries such as Germany who have to deal with -20 and 'feet' rather than 'inches' of snow and carry on as usual, it does make you wonder why we're not better equipped in the UK?

    Every year it seems to catch us out, like Groundhog day!

    I've not seen any gritters out today despite the News reports all saying the SE of Wales was in for some heavy snow this afternoon...

    Drive safely everyone

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    Comment number 6.

    Yes, it beggars belief the varying forecasts, as I don't think we in Pembrokeshire were predicted the level of snowfall we have endured. The county town is gridlocked. The local areas have been dependent upon the farming community to pull traffic along. Pembroke is suffering and I know my brother has been stuck on the Cleddau Bridge since 3pm this afternoon and is still there at 7.50pm! Where are the emergency services? Where are the gritters and snow ploughs?

    Likewise this morning - using the roads in Carmarthenshire, it was severely problematic, due to no grit, no services.

    Thankfully after 4 hours of gridlock on a local A road near Simpson Cross, it is the local farmers and army that are towing vehicles - well done everyone - it is great to see how the community pull together during times like this!

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    Comment number 7.

    I have just seen a Red Kite flying over Mynydd Meio above Abertridwr - the first ever in this area. It looked magical against the snowy background. I am wondering if anyone else has seen a Red Kite around here?

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    Comment number 8.

    Record snowfalls in China, Japan, Korea and the US - worst winter in the UK for 30 years and yet we still here people hyping up the climate change agenda.

    As for the forecasters, following in from the promised Barbecue Summer we were promised and wetter and milder winter than normal.

    I think pretty much the next time you hear a long range forecast from the Met Office, expect the complete opposite

    The reason we don't cope with the snow in the UK is because snow is pretty rare, certainly in South East Wales where I live, we had a bit last February and some in February 2007 but we've not had a really decent fall since February 1995 and no major snowfall since 1982, prior to that 1963, 1947 etc

    Snow is rare in this country, a decent fall once every 10 years or so, it is pointless pouring resources into something that is not a regular occurrence.

    Germany, Austria etc get heavy constant snow every winter so they have to put in the resources to allow them to cope - snow chains on the tyres etc - we just don't do that and then we wonder why the country grinds to a halt when we get a mere dusting. It's just something we have to put up with

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    Comment number 9.

    Hi all,

    Derek asked me to post up the following response on his behalf, regarding weather patterns and climate change in Wales:

    "Climate change means the long term trend is towards a warmer climate in Wales but this does not rule out cold winters in the future or even wet summers come to that!

    Climate is weather averaged over a long period of time and cold snaps and snow are part of the natural variability of day to day weather patterns".



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