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  1. Hallowe'en, a dark and scary forecast

    Friday 30 October 2009, 14:54

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway


    Now if you're out celebrating Hallowe'en tomorrow evening there's some scary weather on the way!

    It should start off dry but it won't last, so make sure you wear waterproof makeup or stick a pumpkin on your head! ;)

    We'll all see some rain this evening. This will clear later tonight leaving Saturday...

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  2. Too cool for school?

    Friday 30 October 2009, 14:40

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    It's felt mild if not warm this week and Paul Harris from Cwmllynfell, Swansea has been in touch.

    He wants to know "what the extent of 'mild', is in the context of weather reporting.

    We hear of mild, very mild and even extremely mild (surely an oxymoron) but when does mild become warm or even cool...

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  3. Bang Bangor Day 2 - Gallops/4 Sticks/Ryan Kift/Jamie Cee

    Friday 30 October 2009, 14:28

    Adam Walton Adam Walton

    I've promoted the occasional gig over the years.

    In the dim distant past we'd have to do it so that the band I was in could play gigs. Back then there were only a couple of venues in north east Wales that would entertain the idea of allowing the noise-afflicted hoi polloi in to preach their sermons of...

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  4. Ellie Goulding: another top pop prospect

    Friday 30 October 2009, 13:43

    BBC Wales Music BBC Wales Music

    Like buses, Welsh artists tipped for big things come in groups. After Marina And The Diamonds came onto my radar, another Welsh singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding of Knighton in Powys has crashed into the public consciousness this week.


    Photo by Crazybobbles from the BBC Wales Music Flickr Group.

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  5. BBC iD is on its way

    Friday 30 October 2009, 12:16

    BBC Wales Music BBC Wales Music

    The commenting system on BBC Wales' blogs will be changing early next week.

    BBC iD is to become the single sign-in method for all BBC online services. If you have an existing BBC membership account for blogs, message boards or other services at some point in the next few months you will be automatically...

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  6. The first Bang Bangor gig, Hendre Hall

    Thursday 29 October 2009, 16:42

    Adam Walton Adam Walton

    Bang Bangor is, and I quote the promoters because they put it far more succinctly than I can, "An exciting new festival - a chance to experience a range of live music and culture, around the city of Bangor, over four days."

    You may already know this. I blogged about it here.

    Last night was the inaugural...

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  7. Autumnal weather changes

    Thursday 29 October 2009, 12:54

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    The weather's in a quiet mood at the moment with high pressure to the east of Britain and southerly winds bringing warm-up from Spain, but there's a big change on the way as we head into November.

    A cold front currently over Ireland will move eastwards tomorrow bringing rain to Wales later in the day...

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  8. Swathes

    Thursday 29 October 2009, 12:23

    Adam Walton Adam Walton

    Sometime yesterday afternoon Twitter had me shouting "yeahs!" to the heavens and cranking my stereo up to window-rattling volumes.

    Why the celebration?

    Well, Jen Long of BBC Radio 1 in Wales' Introducing show (presented by fellow blogger and sometime DJ sparring companion, Bethan Elfyn) - posted the following...

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  9. Spoonbill arrives in Newport

    Thursday 29 October 2009, 11:26

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron


    This is probably old news by now amongst the bird watching community but a juvenile spoonbill has been spotted in Newport recently.

    It was down near the iron bridge and feeding hungrily by all accounts. The last reported sighting was on Monday, 26 October.


    These photos have come in from Richard...

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  10. Fallstreak holes

    Thursday 29 October 2009, 11:12

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    Mike from The Cloud Appreciation Society has been in touch re: my last blog on strange cloud formations.

    Apparently it's know as 'Fallstreak holes' in cloud circles.

    Fallstreak holes on Wikipedia:

    "A fallstreak hole (also: hole punch cloud and punch hole cloud) is a large circular gap that can appear in...

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