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  1. The missing elephant

    Friday 11 March 2011, 10:32

    BBC News online have featured a nice tale about an elephant which marched through Tregaron, Ceredigion back in 1848 and promptly died there after alledgedly drinking water contaminated with lead - what a welcome to Wales that was!

    But the story has led archaeologists to the beer garden of the local pub...

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  2. An invasive cost

    Monday 7 March 2011, 10:12

    We're a nation obsessed by gardening and plants and I'm no different especially once springs arrives and the sun graces us with its presence, like it did this weekend for much of Wales.

    I popped down to my local garden centre twice this weekend, partly because it's a nice place to potter and partly...

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  3. Unique Welsh daffodils

    Tuesday 1 March 2011, 10:29

    You can thank our Victorian ancestors that when it comes to St David's Day, we pin daffodils to our lapels instead of leeks.

    A vegetable wasn't considered glamorous enough to be the Welsh national emblem and the daffodil, whose flowering coincides with the Welsh patron saint's holiday, seemed like...

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  4. I'm talking about good murmurations...

    Monday 28 February 2011, 11:16

    Okay, so it hasn't quite got the same ring to it as the classic Beach Boys track 'Good Vibrations' but it's just as spectacular to watch and listen to! As thousands of starlings take to the skies each night prior to roosting.

    Nobody knows why they do it, which makes it all the more fascinating. Some...

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  5. One step closer

    Monday 21 February 2011, 10:14

    Story on News Online today about more of the all Wales coastal footpath being completed.

    A new half mile route has opened up linking Amroth to Ynyslas, north of Aberystwyth. The ambitious plan is to have the 850 mile coastal path completed by summer 2012.

    Closer to home I did notice the other day that...

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  6. Surfing tsunamis

    Monday 14 February 2011, 10:15

    This weekend saw back to back surfing competitions being held at Rest Bay, Porthcawl as the Elusive Welsh Open and Tsunami Cup went ahead in big surf.

    Surfers from all over Wales descended on Porthcawl for the the Elusive Welsh Open contest on Saturday which was held in solid 4-6 foot + high surf


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  7. Castles of Wales

    Wednesday 9 February 2011, 12:10

    Our BBC Wales Nature & Outdoors Flickr group are always out there, snapping away and taking amazing pictures from around Wales but it's not all seagulls and squirrels.

    We also get some terrific landscape shots, castles, mountains and rivers name - we probably have it!

    So, I've put...

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  8. Breaking the habit

    Monday 7 February 2011, 09:53

    We might just see another Welsh island stronghold for red squirrels in the not so distant future..

    Those wise monks on Caldey Island, off the coast of Tenby have devised plans to re-introduce red squirrels to the island.

    It's generally agreed by everyone involved that...

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  9. According to the Mabinogion...

    Thursday 3 February 2011, 14:41

    The National Trust has recently completed vital work to tackle erosion at an important historic site on the Gwynedd coast.

    Bwncan Dinas Dinlle is a 3,000 year old hill fort, built for status and defence in the Iron Age.

    The name Dinas Dinlle derives from 'Din' meaning fort and 'lle' derived from Lleu...

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  10. A golden moment

    Tuesday 1 February 2011, 11:26

    Golden eagle spotted in Mid Wales.

    The RSPB said the rare bird, spotted in the skies above Pontrhydygroes, near Aberystwyth, could have escaped from captivity or might have just lost its way.

    It's not the first time we've had golden eagles circling over Wales and in the past sightings have been reported...

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  11. Sea slugs are flourishing

    Monday 31 January 2011, 12:36

    Although slugs are not considered to be the most exotic of creatures, their cousins the sea slugs are a completely different prospect.

    A recent report by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) about sea slugs at Skomer Marine Nature Reserve (MNR) has revealed that sea slugs are flourishing - with a...

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  12. RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

    Thursday 27 January 2011, 23:01

    Yes, it's that time of year again when the RPSB Big Garden Birdwatch returns to a garden near you, over the weekend of 29-30 January.

    I mentioned this last year and we had a huge response, so hopefully this year will be just as successful if not better and with all this cold weather, I'm sure the birds...

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  13. Can a vaccine save the red squirrel?

    Thursday 20 January 2011, 11:58

    As you're probably aware, red squirrels are an endangered species here in Wales and the rest of the UK with only a few pockets of resistance left in parts of Scotland, Wales and Southern England.

    Grey squirrels may be cute to look at (we have 100's of photos sent in to our Flickr group each month) but...

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  14. Close encounter with a ghost

    Thursday 13 January 2011, 10:27

    Ros Bayliss submitted this remarkable video clip to our BBC Wales Nature Flickr group. It features a barn owl out hunting but watch how close it flies to the camera!

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  15. Heron eats starling for lunch

    Monday 10 January 2011, 09:35

    Nature can be cruel but a bird's got to eat and unfortunately for this heron, starling was on the menu at the WWT National Wetland Centre Wales, Llanelli yesterday.

    Look away now if you're squeamish...

    Steve Gunter from our Flickr group (you need to be logged in to view) sent in these remarkable images...

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  16. RSPB celebrates 100 years in Wales

    Monday 10 January 2011, 07:30

    This year the RSPB celebrates100 years of working in Wales and has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

    The charity's work protecting birds, wildlife and habitats in Wales started in 1911 with a Mr and Mrs Jones carrying out a small project to look after roseate terns on the island of Llanddwyn...

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  17. Surf report, 7-9th January

    Thursday 6 January 2011, 10:06

    9am Friday morning update: There are no waves showing for South Wales yet but fingers crossed that the swell is with us by this afternoon. The outer wave buoys are all picking it up now with the swell ranging between 3-5 metres off Southern Ireland.

    However, with the swell comes strengthening S/SW...

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  18. Wild swim

    Tuesday 4 January 2011, 11:15

    Happy New Year to you all.

    I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing time, although if family were involved, then I sincerely doubt it! ;)

    This year I completed my first ever Xmas Day Swim at Coney - the first one to have snow on the ground apparently.

    I wasn't sure what to expect but came prepared...

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  19. Stargazing in Wales

    Tuesday 4 January 2011, 01:00

    Find out what you can expect to see in the night skies above Wales over the next few days with Dr Huw Boulton from the National Museum of Wales:

    In January, the BBC's Stargazing LIVE will link astronomers - both amateur and professional from around the world in a three-day event....

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  20. Your snow pics

    Tuesday 21 December 2010, 10:19

    Well, it looks as if we've seen the worst of the snow for the time being but we could be in for a little bit more on Wednesday.

    Aside from all the chaos the snow causes; it also dramatically alters the landscape - transforming the mundane into something very dramatic.

    I found myself getting repeatedly...

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