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Writing The Archers: a special collaboration with BBC Writersroom

Thursday 17 October 2013, 11:55

Andrew Smith Andrew Smith

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We’re excited to announce that BBC Writersroom is launching an Archers Writing week, focusing on the writing process for The Archers.

From 21st – 28th October, Writersroom is going behind the scenes on The Archers

  The Archers script page The Archers script page

As The Archers is broadcast across the week on Radio 4, you can access the Writersroom website for a unique insight into the writing process:

  •  Archers writer and web producer Keri Davies writes an indepth guide to the storylining and scripting process on the Writersroom website, with examples from a recent big storyline.
  •  Archers writer Carole Simpson Solazzo shares her thoughts and personal approach to writing for Radio 4’s most popular drama.
  •  Keri and Carole will also answer your questions on Twitter: hashtag #archerswriting 
  • Archers scripts will be available to view online, following each day’s broadcast


Find The Archers at BBC Writersroom

Ask your questions on Twitter at #archerswriting

Like The Archers on Facebook

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    Comment number 1.

    When are you going to write some proper character driven story lines?

    I hope with the departure of Ms Whitburn the sensational blow-in led guff is dispensed with and TA can get back to its USP "An Everyday Story of Country Folk".

    And the execrable AmEx is finally scrapped

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    Comment number 2.

    Rumour has it that you employ an agricultural consultant

    I would like to apply for the sorely needed position of business consultant. Lately you have been running several storylines that have business at the heart of the plot, yet you show a poor grasp of how business operates. Here are some examples:

    1. Lower Loxley is so busy it needs to build more bedrooms. Meanwhile Grey Gables, a well-established country house hotel, is having trouble filling it's bedrooms.

    2. A year or so ago, The Bull was also suffering from poor trade. It's solution was to take on additional staff, including a bar man and another manager/owner who gave up a well-paid job. At the same time the owners embarked on huge expenditure connected with their wedding, all with no explanation as to how trade had obviously been quadrupled. (And all this with just the one seventy-something in the kitchen working every shift)

    3. Brian invests what must be several million pounds in building a state-of-the-art cow factory. He appears not to mind that during the critical opening phase, his manager disappears to attend a sick relative. He keeps in touch by text....

    4. At the golf club employment law has passed them by. Kathy is relentless bullied by somebody who isn't even her line manager, and yet nobody does anything, even when it becomes clear that she has been set up.

    5. And back at Grey Gables, having suffered the catastrophe of one drunken pensioner falling over, they produce a list of ideas for rejuvenating the business that are twenty years out of date.

    I have excellent credentials for the post of consultant, including a career in marketing and having run two hotels. I hope you will be in touch. We would like credibility returned to TA scripts please.

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    Comment number 11.

    With all these 'experts' offering their impeccable advice do you think there is a chance that the script-writing will be undertaken by a committee? A camel, we are reliably informed, is a horse designed by a committee!

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    Comment number 13.

    Please let Helen be pregnant....! Please.....

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    Comment number 14.

    I am extremely surprised that the length and apparently haphazard nature of the planning /writing process as recorded in the blog etc makes it so cast iron sure that TA is NEVER going to be close to the economic or agricultural realities of the day. The more or less complete failure of the process as outlined in the blog in the last two to three years to take account of some of the worst summers and winters on record and thus the damage to the farming life of the UK has been much commented on anad must inevitably damage the way the soap engages with its audience.

    Similarly, the insistence on ' issues' being tagged onto the most amazingly unlikely characters has similarly produced weary derision rather than interest. There needs to be a thorough shake-up and a professionalising re-think at The Mailbox to make TA continue to be an admired and critical brick in the R4 wall.

    At the moment, it is lurching from 1950's joke to 1950's joke as if the team think they are writing for a geriatric 80+ demographic. Which they are not. I fear that the self-congratulatory pieces written to introduce this blog are tediously typical of how the TA team come over to its audience.

    Less is more.


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