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Lilian and Matt: as you like it

Sunday 26 May 2013, 10:40

Nickie L Nickie L

Since Matt discovered her affair, lots of you have been champing at the bit for philandering Lilian to get her comeuppance. Kim Durham, who plays Matt, reckons that Matt is hungry for Lilian to confess. But what would he do if she did?

She had the perfect opportunity in Friday's episode.

Take this scene in your own fantasy direction for a bit of Bank Holiday fun: high emotions, tears, unexpected revelations, escaped farm animals - whatever takes your fancy... Fan fic final

This is a fantasy feature - just for fun.


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    Comment number 2.

    I think that Matt does love Lilian but his inflated ego and risky behaviour will mean that he will have to have revenge. Something hideous in mind for Paul for starters - I may help!!

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    Comment number 3.

    Matt will lure Lilian and Paul by sending them texts purporting to be from each other arranging to meet in the old building they're converting. Matt will confront them there, shove them into a small room in the cellar and stand over Darrell, whom he is blackmailing over the dogfighting, while he bricks them in.

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    Comment number 5.

    Personally I like Matt a lot more than Lillian. I think he loves her a lot and does not want to lose her. What he has planned for his brother Paul is anybody's guess but, whatever it is, Paul deserves and Lillian should be thankful that he is saving her form a relationship with a controlling nutter .

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    Comment number 6.

    LILIAN: Matt, there's something you should know....
    MATT: Yes, Puss?
    LILIAN: It's all such a mess, such a terrible mess. I can't believe I've been such a fool..
    MATT: Tell me.
    LILIAN: I blame myself. I've been so distracted, I took my eye off the ball.
    MATT: Blimey, Puss. You're not talking about the Single Wicket Competition are you?
    LILIAN: No, No of course not! This is much more serious.
    MATT: OK. Why don't you just start at the beginning.
    LILIAN: (TAKES DEEP BREATH) Well, you know the Paper Mill?
    MATT: Of course.
    LILIAN: I didn't look, didn't read the small print....in a way, I blame Brenda.
    MATT: That's often the way, with you.
    LILIAN: Anyway, Matt, the thing is. It's actually a paper mill.
    MATT: Talk sense, Pusscat. I know that. Of course it was.
    LILIAN: No, Matt. You don't understand. It's actually made of paper. It's...useless. I'm going to have to call in an origami expert. The only thing we can convert it to, as far as I can see, is paper airplanes.
    MATT: (COUGHS, CHOKES) Whaaaat!!?
    LILIAN: It's true. I'm so sorry. Oh, and by the way, I've been having an affair with your half-brother who seemed charming at the start but now seems to be turning into a crazed bunny-boiler.
    MATT: Oh, Puss. You big silly. It doesn't matter, we'll get over it. Let's disappear to Istanbul until the heat dies down. I'll order a concrete overcoat for Paul and we'll blame the whole mess on Brenda.
    LILIAN: Tiger! My hero.

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    Comment number 8.

    This plot is getting more intense by the episode. I think prior to all these recent developments, Matt had taken Lilian for granted and wanted to make things right after discovering how much she means to him. So it cuts deep that he finds out that she is playing away and therefore wants her to be caught out in his presence to humiliate her especially as he now knows the other party is his hated brother Paul.


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