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'It's all gonna kick off! Can't wait!' - Listener discussions to 18 December 2013

Friday 3 January 2014, 11:33

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell

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Post from @sandrabeer01 on Twitter Post from @sandrabeer01 on Twitter

The biggest talking point in the run up to Christmas was Jess’s party with listeners discussing what could go wrong (as well as what to wear!). 

There’s concern about George getting a puppy for Christmas, and Jill’s "unchristian" attitude to Darrell.  But Eddie is praised as a better man for the job of helping Darrell. And while most have covered their ears as Leonie arrives at Ambridge Hall, listeners seem to like the prospect of granny Lilian and Lynda. And Emma was awarded "line of the year" after her apology to an elf.

Here’s my pick of online discussions between 12 and 18 December 2013


Everybody was looking forward to Jess’s party and there were a huge number of posts during Jennifer’s chat with Jess

Wow, #thearchers timeline's moving fast tonight! (@Mudkipstoat23 on Twitter)

I hope we're just like you???? Aykurumba it's the scene that just keeps giving!! #thearchers (@chspeechless on Twitter)

Jess be careful what you wish for.... #Jennifer&Brian #thearchers (@williamshankly on Twitter)

@BBCTheArchers Please, please, pretty please invite me to the party. I want to sit right at the front so I don't miss a thing. (@sandrabeer01 on Twitter)

I would tell you to cancel it, Jess, but I am hoping for an exciting denouement!  @BBCTheArchers (@DavidMBell on Twitter)

It's all gonna kick off! Can't wait!! (Karin Gardener on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Poor Jess just has no idea of the class war she is stirring up by inviting "the village" to her party while excluding worthy folks such as the Carters (Chris excepted!), Grundys, Tuckers, Horrobins, etc. The Revolution may well start here. (Ian Berry on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Reason 5 mil for loving twitter - having a conversation with many folk re what to wear to #TheArchers party tomorrow...confusing but great:) (@Mistress_Fiona on Twitter)


Rob Titchener’s "bloody Ambridge" comment drew gasps

‪‪#TheArchers "i don't want to live in bloody ambridge!" CLAP OF THUNDER! SMALL EARTHQUAKE! (@ThatJoelfella on Twitter)

Can forgive RobTich cheating on wife, sleeping with Helen, dumping her, but saying "Bloody Ambridge"takes him beyond the pale #thearchers (@pauljaunzems on Twitter)

Both Helen and Jess would be better off without him. Hope he gets his comeuppance #thearchers (@NancyDickie on Twitter)

I think Rob is about to crack up with the strain of living with ghastly Jess! Hope she doesn't end up under the patio...on the other hand.... (Sue Gedge on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


And there’s been growing (and ongoing) concern about Ed and Emma buying George a puppy for Christmas with many saying that the storyline is irresponsible

Remember Ed, a dog is for life not just for guilt-ridden bribery #thearchers (@AlidevonRVN on Twitter)

Will is an odious twerp but Ed is an idiotic hothead. Really Ed should be getting the puppy for Will. But really, all this talk of getting a puppy for Christmas is extremely irresponsible! (Julie Key BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Pleased to hear that someone buying a puppy on @BBCTheArchers made a point of seeing the mother. Good old The Archers (@Angela_Barnsey on Twitter)

@BBCTheArchers somehow though I can't see Susan letting them have a dog in her very smart house. (@Goldenlady1010 on Twitter)

It would be lovely if Ed could buy a dog for George - that would really irk Will - but realistically now is not the time. (Jill Nichols on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Not only expensive, but a puppy is also very 24/7 time-consuming if you're every going to have a well-trained, well-behaved pooch. I think Ed is off his rocker for even thinking of it! (Margaret Lesley Gladstone on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Jill has been condemned as "unchristian" after she advised Jim to leave well alone when it came to Darrell

Jill so does not want to have to cope with Darrell. Christianity when you feel like it hey? #TheArchers (@SueHomeyard on Twitter)

The downward spiral of Darrell is sad listening #thearchers (@monx61 on Twitter)


As Eddie comes to Darrell’s aid, there is praise from many listeners – though some fear an "explosive" ending to Darrell’s sojourn in the cider shed

A good strong Xmas message in #thearchers - there IS room at the inn. :)) (@SocialBeastie on Twitter)

That line was spoken from the heart Eddie Grundy, it was very good , and it felt like he meant it! (Michael Hopkins on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

I love Eddie Grundy, a true Christmas angel @BBCTheArchers (@SusanDalgety on Twitter)

@BBCTheArchers "Mind that bucket of giblets" Where else would you hear a line of such poignancy. Eddie Grundy...you are a poet! (@lallys on Twitter)

Writers don't be so predictable. Let him See the light, recover x turn his life around. (Katherine Jennings on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Good old Eddie. I think his approach might work better, as he is enlisting the assistance of his family. Shula took Darrell in out of duty and without the agreement of Alistair and Dan, who then (foreseeably) couldn't wait to see the back of him. Plus Shula's whole attitude is too duty-bound and needs a lighter approach (eg Neil vs Shula in the hospital visit) (Elaine Masters on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Compost toilet? Gas cylinders? Cider shed? I smell an explosive Festive Storyline brewing. #thearchers (@TheVonster on Twitter)

Giving him a heater with a flame to use in the barn ? It will be grace archer all over again....  (Christopher Seaden on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Finding the contrast between how Darrell and Leonie are being treated quite fascinating (Tracey Lewis on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Many guessed that Leonie Snell was pregnant. The prospect of Lilian and Lynda becoming grandmothers – and Matt a grandfather! – has caught the imagination

A meeting of 2 great dynasties!! It's going to be a COMPLETE MONSTER!!!! (Jane Willcocks on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

I pity any child with James and Leonie for parents. Good grandparents though. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

A baby will be a fashion 'add on', the latest 'must have' for the Hoorays of Reigate. Both Grandmas will be emptying their moneyboxes for the progeny (Lynda Everington on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Matt becoming a step-granddad, well... the mind boggles!  (Maarten van den Heuvel on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

#thearchers I hope Matt gets a chance to give James a hard time over Christmas. It's the only thing that makes his visits bearable. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

aw - for all her faults lyndy is a lovely step mother #thearchers (@clarrielove on Twitter)

Aaahhhh - a little Leonie - erm, how sweet? #thearchers (@kenton_archer on Twitter)

I'm about to reach thru the radio and strangle Leonie! (Katie Scott on BBC The Archers Facebook page)

Wow - light blue touch paper and ......  roll theme music #thearchers (@busydawn on Twitter)


And finally, Emma’s run in with an elf (via George kicking him) was awarded line of the year!

Kicked an elf. Good work fella. #theArchers (@DN100000 on Twitter)

I had to apologise to an elf....  The best #thearchers line of 2013 (@salvatorRosa on Twitter\)

Quote of the night: 'I had to apologise to an elf.'! Love it when Emma gets some comedy! x (Maggie Mumford on BBC The Archers Facebook page)


Tayler Cresswell is The Archers’ social media host

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  • Comment number 1.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 2.

    Emailed Dogs Trust and RSPCA in concern over the puppy-a-surprise-gift; both have replied, here is the RSPCA reply.

    Thank you for your email concerning a radio programme which depicted the giving of a puppy for Christmas.

    The RSPCA have reissued its warning to people to do their homework when they are buying a puppy – and not to buy a pet as a present.

    There are thousands of dogs in rescue centres desperately looking for new homes, but many people continue to fuel the trade in imported puppies by buying from rogue sellers who simply see the animals as money makers.

    At this time of year especially, we want to hammer home the message that people should never buy a dog as a Christmas present.

    Having a pet is a major responsibility, and not something that should be done on a whim as a gift for someone.

    Never let your heart rule your head and buy a puppy because you feel sorry for it. If you have any reservations at all, you should always walk away.

    People should only buy pets through the proper channels after considered thought and I would like to echo the RSPCA’s sentiments that they should not be given as gifts this Christmas.”

    A full list of advice for potential puppy owners, and what to look out for when looking for a new pet dog, are available at the RSPCA’s www.getpuppysmart.com website. Tips include:

    Do your homework to match the right dog with your home, family and lifestyle and that you can afford the long-term costs.
    Phone ahead before visiting any puppies and know the right questions to ask.
    Don’t buy a puppy straight away – go home and take time to consider your choice and visit it at least twice.
    Always choose a puppy based on its likely health and temperament and not just its looks – a healthy puppy is much better than a pretty one.
    Never be tempted to buy a puppy because you feel sorry for it – another will only be bred to replace it.

    Thank you for contacting us and for your concern

    Kind regards
    RSPCA Advice Team

    The RSPCA rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes hundreds of thousands of animals each year. We offer advice on caring for all animals and campaign to change laws that will protect them, which we will enforce through prosecution. Our work relies on your support, so why not get involved http://www.rspca.org.uk/getinvolved or donate today http://www.rspca.org.uk/donate. You can make a difference.
    Reply 03/01/2014, 10:09:02

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    Comment number 3.

    Here is the Dogs Trust reply:

    Thank you very much for your email drawing our attention to The Archers
    storyline - we hadn't heard it. Sadly, despite it being the 35th
    Anniversary of the 'A dog is for Life' slogan, we still do find that
    people are giving dogs as gifts and it is obviously not helpful when the
    media seems to support this. We will look out the clip and follow up.

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    Comment number 4.

    The response from the RSPCA seems to confirm for me that Ed and Emma did everything right.

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    Comment number 5.

    Well indeed, Nemo, a tick in the box on practically everything for Ed and Em - the only thing is that they bought the puppy as a Christmas present. But we'd already heard that they would be looking after the puppy and not Jawge.

    I've always assumed the mantra that you shouldn't buy a pet for a Christmas present is to deter people who give a poor animal to someone who didn't ask for it and yet would be expected to look after it, with the donor making their excuses and running. No wonder such animals are then rejected. But that's not the scenario here at all.

    It'll be interesting to find out if the RSPCA/Dogs Trust take this further as it's hard to see what real grounds for complaint they have, other than condemning the farmer and his wife for allowing their dog to have babies instead of spaying her, and not caring enough to do proper home checks, and I wouldn't argue against any of that.

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    Comment number 6.

    Agree, Cath, and I'd also say that the farmer was quite entitled to allow his dog (or dogs? not sure if he owned both the male and the bitch) to breed; he might have intended to keep one or two puppies himself to replenish his stock of working animals. I was glad to hear Emma and Ed buying a cross-breed puppy, as I have doubts about so-called pedigree dogs.

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    Comment number 7.

    "Emailed Dogs Trust and RSPCA in concern over the puppy-a-surprise-gift"

    But the puppy wasn't a surprise gift really, was it? Ed and Emma are responsible for looking after the dog, paying the food and vet bills, taking it for walks, training, etc and Ed and Emma are the people who bought the dog. Nobody sprang a surprise puppy on them on Xmas morning. That's what the Dogs Trust works so hard to prevent but it isn't what happened in the Archers.
    Am still loving the storylines running at present, can't wait to watch Rob and Helen's 'partnership' wreak its havoc and am waiting with bated breath to see how far Lynda will go to put that panto reviewer firmly in his place. What a great start to 2014!

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    Comment number 8.

    Well said, Borsetshire Blue! Couldn't agree more.


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