Week 2: Leaderboard

Saturday 13 October 2012, 21:41

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After a thrilling second week it was all change on the Strictly leaderboard, Mr Fantastic Gymnastic Louis Smith flipped up to first place; Darcey describing his Foxtrot as 'calm confident and controlled'. Fellow sportsman Michael Vaughan found himself at the bottom of the board after a performance Bruno described as 'so bad it was good' and Craig called 'the oddest Jive I have seen in 10 years of Strictly'. Here's all our scores on the floors for week two.

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    Comment number 21.

    just read the DM and cruel comments about Lisa Riley........all I can say Lisa is you look great and its good to see you happy in your skin.......keep it up......keep dancing you have so much natural talent

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    Comment number 22.

    Hi everyone, brilliant s.c.d show last night, I just loved Denise and James jive, thought it was very lively and brilliant, I thought they all did their very best cosidering it was only the 2nd week, its such a shame one couple will be leaving the show tonight, my guess its going to be Johny or Jerry, Jerry to be does not even try that hard to dance, she seems lazy and just wants to parade herself as a catwalk model, poor Anton, why does he always get the high maintenence partners or the glamourous ones, that seem to think they do not have to do much dancing at all, you have to be 100% commited to s.c.d if you want to remain in the show and get viewers votes to stay in and now the dance off is in play again, so realy its up to the judges, looking farward to the results show tonight, have a great Sunday everyone and dont forget the results show tonight, I will have to record it as my dad phones me sunday evenings around the time s.c.d results are on tv, take care christine

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    Comment number 23.

    Hope the hilarious Michael (note for Fergal it is MichAel) and Natalie stay.
    Richard is at least trying so worth keeping.
    Iveta is so sweet with Johnny and would rather keep her than Karen.
    Not because he doesn't try but because he doesn't deserve the flack, I would like to see Nicky leave this week for the sake of his ego, before Karen's choreography and judges comments following, destroy his self belief.
    Anton's fans will no doubt keep Jerry in for a while yet. :¬(

    However, early days and a few could go without too many problems. Mid series is often when the no hopers are kept out of the judges clutches, giving them the choice of two couples who still have a way to go losing out in the dance off.

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    Comment number 24.

    I wish the judge's scoring was split - give one score for how well the routine was choreographed in accordance with the rules for that particular dance, and another score for how well the celeb executed the choreography they were given. If Nicky Byrne is on for an early shower, so to speak, it looks like it will be because of Karen's choreography! He can plainly move! Does she thinks he is being clever?

    It is so frustrating, sitting at home, to hear a celeb bring ripped apart for something which they cannot control!!! Nicky, presumably, isn't going to know what constitutes a cha-cha-cha, but Karen *should* know. So when the judges complain that there wasn't enough content in a dance the pro should be blamed (at least Craig pointed this out last week to Karen, re the lift/'swoosh')

    My husband says that Westlife fans will save him, but it seems that a lot of them can't because of voting rules/geographical restrictions. I'm not a fan of him personally, but I don't want him to go for the wrong reasons.

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    Comment number 25.

    Hello All,
    Was out last night so only got chance to watch the show this morning.

    I thought it was a good show overall. I thought Denise and James did a great job, especially considering her neck difficulties. They fully deserved their place at the top of the table. Not sure Craig appreciated being mauled by James, but I suppose he's done enough verbal mauling in his time to warrant a payback of sorts.
    Lisa danced well this evening and if she can continue to work solidly, I think she has the personality to go deep into the competition.
    I was also pleased to see Victoria do better this week. I know some people are finding it a bit difficult to warm to her but despite her success on the track she has always been a vulnerable individual whose biggest hang up is to try to please others and feels that she comes up short. Brendan, you should ban the word "sorry" from the training room. I just hope she can relax and enjoy it more.
    Lots of good performances but even before the programme was aired i feared for Michael. I think he was unlucky in getting the jive, a dance which obviously did not suit him. i am not a fan of having too many dances in one show as comparisons are more difficult to make and a couple can be unlucky in how the dances fall.
    Finally, I should also like to add my admiration for Iveta. I think she has a lovely, positive manner and has great belief in her partner. I shall be sorry when her time on the show ends.

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    Comment number 26.

    Well! Darcy Bussell, we go from a chav to posh totty who can hardly string a sentence together yar ok! Bring back Arlene or how about Karen Hardy...........

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    Comment number 27.

    Nicky & Karen - She's more suited to DWTS and he dances like Craig Kelly. Not a good combo. She reminds me of a female Jared and what the producers were thinking in ditching Katya for her I have no idea. Katya would have corrected his posture and created better routines. Katya was also one of the few pros to have a personality, if the producers didn't think she was well known enough, give her a couple of ringers like Aliona to get her more well known. Ditch Karen and bring Katya back.

    Denise & James - She's too good and should not be on the show. She's like a female John Barrowman and should only be asked to do Xmas shows and Children in Need specials. Why does James get all the contenders/ringers, give them to other dancers and let him deal with the duds.

    Fern & Artem - very good and enjoyed it very much.

    Lisa & Robin - not as good as last week but still did very well. No sound effects please, if I see a clock in the background and someone sneaking away, I can figure out what's going on. The bell took me out of the dance and was almost unintentionally funny.

    Johnny & Iveta - I thought he did very well. Iveta is a good addition to the show, maybe she can stay permanently. I hope he is not out first as he deserves to stay in for another week or two at least. I guess the sort of people who normally vote on Strictly won't vote for him so I actually voted for the first time (and probably the only time unless he stays in). I remember him from the 70s and 80s and always liked his programmes. Hopefully, a few more older people will vote for him and keep him in.

    Colin & Kristina - Good but the height difference puts me off. Next year please take height into consideration as it spoils the dancing otherwise.

    Kimberely & Pasha - good but I thought what Len said was reasonable.

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    Comment number 28.

    Sid & Ola - I normally don't like Ola's choreography but I've enjoyed her first two dances this year. Also, never found her pretty until this year, she's looked gorgeous both weeks. Would have liked Sid to dance with Erin but perhaps heights weren't appropriate, looking at other couples, however...

    Richard & Erin - Not as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

    Jerry & Anton - The 'Anton gets the older ladies that can't dance/won't dance' routine has become rather tiresome. She danced like one of Erin's dolls and the height difference was noticeable too. Either give him a contender or get rid of him or give him Bruce's job (and Erin can take over from Tess).

    Louis & Flavia - Very enjoyable dance but I hated the music. Please choose better music in future. I thought he looked a bit too upright and serious but it was never mentioned so maybe not.

    Danni & Vincent - I like Vincent but not always his choreography, however, I enjoyed this dance and thought Danni did a good job. One or two of the lifts looked a bit awkward.

    Michael & Natalie - It was always strange but from about the middle to the end it just got truly bizarre. He looked like he had ants in his pants and was trying to get rid of them. Also, the bit with the judges...eh?

    Victoria & Brendan - Much improved and enjoyed it very much. Someone must have had a word with the make-up department as she looked really beautiful this week.

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    Comment number 29.

    Johnny's probably favourite to go out but I hope it's either Michael or Nicky.

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    Comment number 30.

    Hi all,

    Thank you Mrs Arcanum I'm improving on the spelling and grammar it's a bit like Brucie's scripts needs more work but I'm getting there.

    BruciesWig loved your commentary but there are 1 or 2 points I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on Denise and James for one I believe Denise is more than suited to the show she adds style and excitement to the show and the comments on the blog gave her kive the highest of praise and one of them was me.

    Lisa and Robin granted not as good as last week but the chime and the clock added to the effect of the storytelling and for me it was a brilliant routine from start to finish.

    But 1 point I have to agree with you on BruciesWig is Nicky and Karen they just aren't suited together and the more I think about it the more it's Karen's fault because the chereography was rubbish okay so Nicky gave his bum a workout and it is a pretty sexy bum but I want to see more than hip and bum gyrations and cheesy Westlife dancing I want to see a proper Cha Cha and also if he is voted in loose the defeatest atttitude big time or if he doesn't go this week he will defnitley go next week.

    The dance is a tough one to call but for me Micheal and Natalie and Nicky and Karen but I have a feeling Westlife fans will get behind him so for me Micheal and Natalie or Richard and Erin with Jerry and Anton with Jerry and Anton going home.

    Keeeeeeeeep Dancing

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    Comment number 31.

    OMG isn't Jerry Hall overimpressed by her own importance. Methinks she's in for a fall soo as her dancing is awful!!!

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    Comment number 32.

    it doesn't work with two ladies presenting the Sunday show, Claudia is irritating, but she should be paired with a male presenter. Dancing involves a man and a woman!

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    Comment number 33.

    Hi Fergal,

    Thanks for that, like to read your commentary too. Agree with you about Nicky and Karen, the choreography both weeks has been poor. Hopefully it will improve otherwise he would best be going out early as the criticism from the judges will only get him down.

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    Comment number 34.

    Cheers Fergal.
    MichAel is one of my bugbears as a spelling. I have a colleague who always gets the A & E the wrong way round just like you. Having a spell checker is wonderful though. ;¬D

    As his dancing was all over the place Michael managed to make their routine comedy gold by happy accident. A natural funny element to the show rather than the contrived force fed comedy contestants we have had the last couple of years. So glad they are safe for another week.

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    Comment number 35.

    Enjoying strictly so far this year, although Saturday night was way too long! Just a gripe about the judges....Darcie's voice and comments are driving me crazeeee....why must she say 'yeah' at the end of every sentence and what's with the upward inflection?...this always drives me mad!!!!!
    Bring back Alesha!

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    Comment number 36.

    Loving strictly as always - but does anyone else get frustrated when the camera spins around the dancers so fast you can't really see what they're doing?? PLEEEEASE stop it BBC camera person!!!

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    Comment number 37.

    I love the show. Pity I have missed out on tickets. Never mind. My only comment at this time, and it is Why is Bruce Forsyth still on the show, shouldn't he be retired like Arlene Philips,? Who by the way is younger and more talented. His jokes are so stale and boring. There must be someone out there in dancing land more interesting, funny and talented. Love Darcey as a ballerina, absolutely talented in her field, but not as a judge on this show. What is with the Yaa after every comment as well. Others especially Craig is a real laugh.

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    Comment number 38.

    @mullos i agree with you there, Bruce's jokes are so old! we hear the same ones year after year! and Darcy's voice is so annoying!"
    am loving Louis and Flavia, and am glad to see Victoria and Brendan moving up a bit! they have real potential!


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