Week 10: In Training

Thursday 6 December 2012, 15:41

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With only three weeks to go until the Final, our six remaining couples are working harder than ever to get their hands on the Strictly Glitter Ball. Last week’s sorrowful departure of Michael and Natalie left everyone shaken, especially Nicky and Karen who’s third time in the dance-off was not the ideal position they had wished for. Everyone is stepping it up a gear to ensure a place in the semi-finals.

This week the couples are in for a treat as they’ll be combining two dance styles and performing it to one piece of music in a Strictly Dance Fusion. Each couple’s performance will be done as either a ‘mash-up’ where dances are intertwined with each other constantly within the song or more as two distinct sections within the song i.e. half the dance is one style and the other half is another dance style. It’s a Strictly first so things are definitely heating up on the dance floor!  

Here are the couples in training this week:

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Here’s a complete list of Saturday’s dance routines:

Lisa and Robin perform the Tango/Cha Cha to Voulez Vous

Kimberley and Pasha perform the Cha Cha/Tango to It’s Raining Men

Denise and James perform the Jive/Quickstep to Reet Petite

Louis and Flavia perform the Tango/Rumba to With or Without You

Dani and Vincent perform the Charleston/Quickstep to Happy Feet

Nicky and Karen perform the Samba/American Smooth to Troublemaker

Who will stay and who will go? It’s up to you to decide. Let us know who you think deserves to remain and who you think should hang up the sparkly shoes and give up the Strictly tan?


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    Comment number 1.

    Looking forward to Kim, Dani, Louis and Nicky.
    Hope they all go thru to the semi finals ☺☺

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    Comment number 2.

    I second that e motion ;)

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    Comment number 3.

    Dani and Denise have the best songs so they'll be at/near the top of the leaderboard this week.

    I really hope I'm wrong, but I think poor Louis will be in the dance off because he's the only one dancing to a downbeat song so might not make a big impact with the viewers. I think he'll really struggle with the Rumba like most of the male celebs do.

    I thought Dani was supposed to be banned from doing the Charleston because she did a Charleston type dance for Sports Relief. You banned Harry from doing the Paso because he danced it for Children in Need and Kara was banned from the Samba because she danced it for Sports Relief so why is Dani not banned from the Charleston?

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    Comment number 4.

    Think Dani & Vincent should be superb as they have two naturally compatible dances and a great song to match.

    Lisa & Robin have a good music choice for the styles fused. Not so sure about Kimberly & Pasha's song though. We shall see.

    Nor am I overly convinced by Louis & Flavia's music, suits the Tango but nervous for the Rumba element due to the song speed.

    Can see Nicky & Karen's Samba/AS turning into a blurred Salsaambascha (much the same as most Latin's) ;¬)

    Denise & James have a definite Jive rhythm but with very tiny QS possible bits.

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    Comment number 5.

    Really looking forward to this weeks show hoping lisa and robin do well and I would also like to see Dani and Vincent do well the going is getting tougher,Can the tough get going. Best of luck guys

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    Comment number 6.

    If doing a dance previously is unfair then isn't it unfair that Denise is in the competition at all in that she has been in the musical chicago - but I suppose its impossible to get a level playing field even if we wanted one. Karen Hardy has been the only one to say Lisa is being over marked and her quickstep was full of faults - the judges seem to give her high marks just for being energetic and happy!

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    Comment number 7.

    Stricklyfancy I agree with there on Lisa's quickstep, ( I am very fond of lisa she always put a smile on my face . I saw more faults in her quickstep than Nicky's AT and Nicky was in the dance off

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    Comment number 8.

    Hi all,

    Well this Dance Fusion has me seeing double so to make it simple for me the couple has to perform two dance styles to one piece of music as in they have to one performance bringing in two dance styles.

    And for me this will make it more easier to see who is in danger and who is safe for the semi finals and for me 4 have this nailed while 2 are in danger simply down to music choices.

    Lisa and Robin and Kimberley and Pasha have the same dance styles and with two different music choices Tango and Cha Cha Voules Vouz will bring out Lisa's wild side the Lisa who wowed us in the first week of competition that is who I want to see.

    Kimberley and Pasha have a pretty energetic music choice and for me these two have being going great in this competition and this should be no different.

    Louis and Flavia have two seductive dance styles in Tango and Rumba an opportunity for Louis to bring his dominant side to the party with Tango and his loving side with Rumba.

    Now Vincent and Dani are without the couple to watch Saturday night one of my favourite music choices Happy Feet combining my favourite styles Charleston and Quickstep will be looking forward to that.

    For me Denise and James and Nicky and Karen could be in danger because of music choice because for me Denise and James's music choice does not work Reet Petite is danced to a Jive not a Quickstep this song is rock and roll and in all honesty I can't see it work.

    Nicky and Karen have 1 dance of death a good dance and a rubbish music choice because they would have to put their own spin in American Smooth and Louis tried it just did not work and for me having the dance of death combined with an American Smooth not good for me.

    For me James and Denise and Nicky and Karen's choices of dance styles and music put it this way it's like serving a Big Mac and Fries to a Michelain Star chef wanting 5 star food.

    That's my views
    Keeeeeeeeeeep Dancing

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    Comment number 9.

    Oh look haha! The BBC got Kimberley and Lisas songs mixed up!!!! Right BBC? Riiight??


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    Comment number 10.

    @ snogglewort - Would really have suited Robin too with the title. ;¬ )

    Probably why they very carefully avoided the obvious.

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    Comment number 11.

    Agree with strictlyfancy, Lisa has been overmarked by the judges - she also has been favoured by the presenters - on Stricly Takes Two on Wednesday Zoe sent Lisa off with "You'll be brilliant" on Saturday but avoided giving Louis a similar endorsement. Instead he was faced with the question "Are you going to upset the all girl final?". What about Nicky? Is his card for Saturday already marked? Perhaps the intention is that Nicky again should be in the bottom two and should face Louis in the dance off!

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    Comment number 12.

    It was interesting listening to the Friday panel - they were all performers who seemed to know what they were talking about. They were all worried that Nicky's and Loius's dance combinations wouldn't go well together. I noticed that Denise's styles were supposed to go well together, her jive was touted as one of the 'dances of the series', and she got to close the show. And they keep going on about shimmy jimmy wotsit and now they want us all to learn how to shimmy.
    Oh well. I still want to see a show dance from Loius. And if he doesn't get through, I'm not watching the rest.

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    Comment number 13.

    Judith - We all know that however Denise's dances go the judges will vastly overmark and praise her, whereas however wonderfully Louis dances he will always be undermarked and criticised. The whole credibility, integrity and validity of SCD has been destroyed this year due to the judges' obvious, constant bias resulting in totally inverted marking/scoring. There is no feel-good factor any more and no-one watches programmes to be aggravated.

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    Comment number 14.

    Really looking forward to seeing the dances tonight. HOWEVER, I agree withAllyG, Judith and Rufus. I don't know if it's just me but each year there seems to be this obsession with having a female winner - the year Tom Chambers won springs to mind - we seemed to contantly be having Lisa Snowdon and Rachel Stevens thrust upon us, but I for one don't want to be told who to vote for, and that year noone else did either!
    I think Nicky's Argentine Tango was far better than Lisa's Quickstep - as much as she has rhythym and personality she lacks technique and has not stepped up, whereas Nicky has improved week upon week. And yes, I've noticed a lot more bigging-up of the girls on ITT. Alas I think it will be another male exit this weekend, then we can get that predictable montage to that dreadful track "Here Come the Girls". Anyway, rant over, still love the show, just don't want to see going the same way as it's ITV rival.

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    Comment number 15.

    My question is why do the judges give more praise for performance than technique? I thought this was a dancing competition. Well done to Karen Hardy for being truthful and daring to challenge the judges by pointing out Lisa's horrible technique in the quickstep. Gapping, hopping and shoulders going up and down plus bad footwork yet she was scored higher than those who had great technique and performance. Len is usually very strict on technique but let's it slide when it comes to Lisa, same of Craig. Please judges let us have a fair and even playing field and give Nicky and Louis due credit. Go guys Louis and Nicky should both be in the final.

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    Comment number 16.

    Feeling anxious because I have to go out tonight to the opera and won't be able to vote ... It's all a bit knife edge and unreadable.

    Lisa had a really lucky escape last week though from the interviews I've heard her give since she seems completely oblivious of the fact, or unwilling to admit to herself that she made a real mess of that dance. Denise and James more honest. Nicky did really well in the AT and I don't think he deserved to be in the dance-off two weeks running with the inevitable dent that makes in his confidence, so I wish him well this week.

    It's hard for Louis. He seems to be out on a limb. I feel there's resentment from the judges and maybe some other contestants (because none of them refer to it) of the passionate support that he has from the audiences and viewers. Is it the green eyed monster? Except for Bruno, who seems to enjoy it as much as we do. Well, the costume looks great - bare muscled arms far more sexy than bare torso IMO. Please Flouia fans - vote hard!

    Will tune into i-player with trepidation later ....

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    Comment number 17.

    We don't want to see anyone go home but Nicky, sorry its time to go home! But love the song you are dancing to tonight. Good luck everyone, looking forward to tonight's show. Only an hour to go......

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    Comment number 18.

    I've read & watched 4 interviews with Lisa this week & in all of them she has mentioned the mistakes last week !!!

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    Comment number 19.

    I cant belive that it is the Semi final next week


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