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Friday 12 October 2012, 19:11

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Team pasherley

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Kimberley Walsh and Pasha Kovolev, if these two were in University together they'd be awarded a first degree for applied chemistry. Their first dance the Cha Cha, saw the Strictly dancefloor sizzle with style, causing Craig to remark... "Self-assured, confident, great rhythm, great timing I thought the whole thing was incandescent."

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    Comment number 1769.

    DDD, armcair and me we talking about this hair style - it's absolutely dreadful. We might be old-fashion girls but it just doesn't suit anyone. I hope Pasha will grow his hair asap.

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    Comment number 3411.

    Now Craig is seriously doing my head in with his 9 paddle again. The showdance had the wow factor and Kimberley behind a screen shaking her backside off and then the screen bursting into flames was nothing short of genius - Pasha has outdone himself yet again! 40 all the way for me not a measley 39

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    Comment number 3414.

    Didn't like Louis and Flavia's showdance - too gymnasticy with too much showing off - the 40 score was in my mind ridiculous. Apart from the incredible lift that James did with Denise above his head and her not holding onto him, I wasn't keen on that showdance either. Dani was very nervous in her showdance and that came through the camera lens to my TV set and her nerves shredded her showdance - quite possibly the first couple to go out me thinks. Kimberley and Pasha, however had more dance content in their routine as well as some risky lifts and that screen bursting into flames and her change of costume whilst behind it was absolutely ace. One of the lifts at the begining of the routine, if I'm not mistaken, almost went pear-shaped but both Pasha and Kimberley didn't let it bother them but I reckon this is why Craig only gave her a 9 and not a 10.

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    Comment number 3421.

    Well, the voting is not as we expected. Denise may have won votes by her showdance or the BBC have fixed it as they did when Tom Chambers won instead of Vincent and Rachel. I am very worried now and think our girl may not make it . Its down to the last dance. Come on PASHERLEY!!!!!!!!!!

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    Comment number 3430.

    Evening Pasherleyites !

    I'm not a sore loser when the winner deserves to win - Pasherley should have won - end of ...


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