Semi Final: Results

Sunday 16 December 2012, 14:35

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It's the last Sunday Results Show before Christmas. And what a Results Show it's going to be.

Last night our couples danced for the penultimate time, but who will face the dance-off? Being in the bottom two on the leaderboard is never a good place to be and the top two on the leaderboard are the only pair left in the competition that have actually faced the dance-off before.

It's still all to dance for as two couples dance; one couple leaves! Which two couples do you think will face the dance-off? Let us know your thoughts.

Don't forget, the Strictly Results Show is on at 6.50pm, BBC One.


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    Comment number 1.

    Denise & James's 2nd Dance was not really a Rhumba, it was more Contemporary. She had no hip movement, and the choreography did not flow from one move to the next in a rhythmical way. If a male celeb had that same lack of rhythm and hip movement in his Rhumba, the Judges would've slated him. Denise catches the eye and is very good at certain things, but when it comes to musicality, rhythm, suppleness and charisma, Kimberley is far better. Denise almost looks stiff and staccato in comparison to Kimberley, and whilst it works well in a Tango or Paso, she's lacking interpretation in other dances.
    Really, as good as Denise's Tango was, Kimberley's American Smooth was even better, but the Judge's scores, once again, didn't reflect this.
    In truth, both Denise & Lisa Riley have stayed roughly the same standard from week 1. Whereas all those remaining have improved throughout the competition, especially Dani, who has been fantastic in coping with Vincent's intricate choreography.
    Thanks for the fun Lisa & Robin, but time to bid farewell (hopefully). I could not believe the Judge's positive comments for her poor timing, stumbling steps and nervous demeanour in the AS. They overlooked everything wrong with it, and she certainly was not her usual bubbly self to compensate for bad technique either.
    I voted for Dani & Vincent, Louis & Flavia and Kimberley & Pasha.

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    Comment number 2.

    1.Lilly-Lane. Very well put. I voted for Louis and Dani. I hope the public vote Lisa into the dance off. Then no matter who she is up against she should go out. Depending on the judges. I agree about Denise's Rhumba. Very little content and lack of hip and body movement. I am however a bit worried about tonight, Lisa could very easily be kept in, then who will be in the dance off and who will be saved!!!!!

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    Comment number 3.

    I can't believe the favouritism shown to Lisa Riley either, it seems she can do no wrong in the judges eyes, so unfair to the people who have worked so hard and improved so much as Dani, Kimberley and Louis have. I hope one of those three win, they are amazing. I voted for Dani.

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    Comment number 5.

    Hi Everyone, what a great show s.c.d was last night, I realy felt for poor Lisa, she had that stumble and poor Robin struggled to lift her up! had to laugh, but it must of been terrible for poor Lisa, I thought Kimberley and Pasha were just brilliant last night, I agree that Denise has a problem with her hip action, Im not sure if anyone noticed but when Denise was talking to Tess after she had danced and found out their score she made a shape of a telephone like she was begging people to vote for her, no one else did that apart from Denise, she comes accross as so desperate to get to the final, Denise didnt like the fact she was not top of the leaderboard, but Kimberly and Pasha were the stars of last nights show, as lots of people say what happens if Lisa is not in the dance off? I would hate a realy good dancer leave the show tonight and Lisa has got as far as she can now, its time for the realy good dancers to be in the final, looking farward to the results show tonight take care everyone christine


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