It Takes Two - You got questions? - Week 6

Monday 12 November 2012, 14:14

BBC Strictly Gemma BBC Strictly Gemma Online team

We're back after quite the weekend! There were props, drops, hops and top..... hats (sorry we couldn't find any other relevant rhyming words). 

So with our remaining nimble nine couples getting ready for the road to Wembley, do you have any questions or comments for when they join Zoe on the It Takes Two sofa?

Here's our current schedule for this week;


Fern and Artem

Louis and Flavia



Kimberley and Pasha

Denise and James

Julien MacDonald

Karen Hardy


Lisa and Robin

Victoria and Brendan

Ian Waite



Nicky and Karen

Dani and Vincent


Friday (with our Friday Panel)

Michael and Natalie

Richard and Erin

Friday Panel - TBC


As soon as we find out the confirmed Friday panel then as ever, we'll let you all know. 

Until then, leave any questions or comments below and (everybody now) don't forget to leave your name and location!


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    Comment number 21.

    Valread @ 20
    no idea who picks the music I thought it was the pro dancers but now not so sure!!!
    Good question

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    Comment number 22.

    A real joy having the Claudia/Tess combo - definitely the way forward - and with Zoe on weeknights, the icing on the cake. The ladies have it sown up, but if a senior male is obligatory, I think Mr Wogan would fit quite nicely.

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    Comment number 23.

    Purplejot - sorry don't agree!!!! Yuk!!!

    Question for Erin (and Richard): Whats it like to get to Wembley??? (Something Anton hasn't done)

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    Comment number 24.

    We love the whole Strictly experience, but please, Zoe, stop telling us to "get lost" in French when all we want to do is stay and watch your show! I have a feeling, or at least I hope, you mean "Allons y" meaning "let's go!" And not "Allez-vous en" (get lost!). Best show on TV! Thanks

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    Comment number 25.

    has anyone else noticed how much Kimberly looks like a young Brigette Bardot ? when she was stood on the stairs just before the dance.

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    Comment number 26.

    Vincent and Dani - your Tango on Saturday night was fantastic - Dani you are such a brilliant dancer. Question for Vincent - Your Argentine Tango with Flavia on Sunday evening was fantastic - was the performance from your stage show Midnight Tango which I am going to see in Newcastle in May?

    PS Vincent so I love the way you send yourself up all the time.

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    Comment number 27.

    ITT tonight - Craig appeared to protest too much, perhaps realises he was too harsh on Louis, but couldn't admit he was wrong.
    Louis/Flavia- Craig was really tough on Harry Judd - history could repeat itself - fingers crossed

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    Comment number 28.

    Please help! as Going away on Friday so I will not be able to watch the Wembley extravaganza,I need to know the time set the recorder . I hope you can help.

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    Comment number 29.

    What a great show on Saturday. It was so much better and enjoyable with Bruce not being there! The two girls done a wonderful job - lets have more.

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    Comment number 30.

    If theirs one solace in Fern-Artem being the latest couple to leave it is knowing I won't have the unsettling sight of Artem's body. As a male who is quite challenged in the looks department I surely ought not to have such images foisted upon me. Consideration please.

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    Comment number 31.

    Hi - am I the only one to think that the way Strictly does the scoring when there are, e.g. equal second judges scores, is screwing the result? What I understood was that when, as in this week's judges scores there were equal seconds then it would appear as: 1st = 10 points, two people equal 2nd = 9 points each, but the next one is 4th not 3rd and shoud get 7 points not 8. With this week having another pair on equal judges points further down the leader board it meant that the person in 10th position achieved 3 points, by the Strictly system, instead of 1 point for 10th place.

    I'm not routing for anyone in particular, just trying to understand how someone could come from being joint second to one of the last two places? It doesn't make mathematical sense. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else, and the Strictly team, think of this.

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    Comment number 32.

    A large part of the success of "Strictly" is down to your wonderful singers.
    Please bring them into the It Takes Two studio one night, so that we can put faces to the beautiful voices.

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    Comment number 33.


    Having taken my Official Board Scrutineer's exam in the 1970s I am at a loss to understand how Kimberley managed to be in the bottom two. I believe the only way this could have happened was if she scored the lowest public vote and Michael the highest!

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    Comment number 34.


    In response to Notnumbersix. Under Offical Board Rules the points on the night should have been Denise 10 Dani 9 Kimberley 9 Louis 7 Lisa 6 Victoria 5 Nicky 5 Richard 3 Fern 2 Michael 1. Like you I don't understand how the BBC have scored this and the eventual result of Kimberley being in the bottom two. Like you I am not routing for anyone and as an ex dance teacher just enjoy the show and the revival in ballroom dancing this has caused.

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    Comment number 35.

    A message to the SCD Producers - Hugh Grant (actor) was on The Agenda on ITV1 (I know the OTHER side) last night which was on after the 10.00 pm News and he let it be known that he has a fantasy to be on Strictly Come Dancing - so make a note and for the next series pick up the phone and make that call!!

    I'll be watching this space.

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    Comment number 36.

    Maureen Davison

    We so admite Michael whose worked incredibly hard with Natalie on every aspect of his dancing with Natalie. Everyone admires his commitment and if there is any justice he should stay in competition for many weeks to come.

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    Comment number 37.

    It was such a lovely gesture from Artem last night flowers for Fern he really is such a gentleman. Shall miss him so much on the show

    Do hope they will showcase him more in the pro dances now, the best dancer and choreographer on SCD. producers please note !!!

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    Comment number 38.

    Have to agree with Mortimeister (18) The show flowed much better and we got to hear from all of the judges, although whether I really wanted to hear what Craig had to say about Louis.... and as for his scoring?

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    Comment number 39.

    Loved Karen Harding's dress this evening - where did she get it from?


    Vicky :))

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    Comment number 40.

    Oh, my God!!! Julian is too loud and overly excited. I had to move to BBC1.


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