It Takes Two - You got questions? - Week 5

Monday 5 November 2012, 11:33

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We're back after quite an explosive weekend! Did you see that Jive by Team Smurf? Did you witness that hoop action from Team Pasherley? Did you see that bare chest!?! I'm still getting over it all (mainly the bare chest to be honest).

So with our remaining 10 couples coming to grace our It Takes Two sofa once again this week, do you have any questions or comments you're desperately trying to send it?

Well leave them below...

Here's our current schedule for this week;



Colin and Kristina

Fern and Artem

Craig Revel Horwood



Richard and Erin

Michael and Natalie

Julien MacDonald

Karen Hardy


Denise and James

Louis and Flavia

Victoria and Brendan 



Kimberley and Pasha

Lisa and Robin

Darcey Bussell


Friday (with our Friday Panel)

Nicky and Karen

Dani and Vincent


As soon as I find out the confirmed guest line up then as ever, I'll let you all know. 

Until then, leave any questions or comments below and (everybody now) don't forget to leave your name and location!


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    Comment number 14.

    Please ask the audience NOT to applaud and cheer the dancers during items like Andre Bocelli's beautifully sung aria. It is rude to cheer and clap across his lovely singing, applaud at the end.

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    Comment number 28.

    Please can we have more guest singers of the same quality as Andrea Bocelli? They don't have to be opera or even crossover - just properly trained singers with lovely voices who can actually sing in tune and deliver a performance to match the expertise of the pro dancers - who turned in a couple of stunners on the results show this week by the way.

    Please stop the audience making so much background noise during the performances. We don't get much top class entertainment on TV so when it finally comes along it would be nice to be able to hear it.

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    Comment number 29.

    It was wonderful to hear Nessun Dorma sung by the peerless Andrea on Saturday - it was also lovely to see Karen and Pasha dancing with beauty to the music. But - I was sad to hear the audience explode into cheers, whistles and applause at each lift or spin of the dance, which completely covered the gorgeous singing and showed so little respect to the singer. Surely they should control their reaction until the end of the performance - does the audience at The Royal Ballet applaud each move in such a way? Andrea must have wondered what on earth was going on. Difficult to control an audience, I'm sure, but perhaps they could be asked to remain silent and appreciative until the end of the song/dance? x

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    Comment number 34.

    LOVING Zoe on It Takes Two, the solo artists on the results show and the professionals dancing along with the guest artist.

    HATING the audience cheering and clapping along, completely drowning out the singers. I can completely understand why some bring their own dancers.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop encouraging the audience to clap. It may seem great in the studio but for the audience at home it is dreadful. If something is worth applause let it happen naturally. Same applies to standing ovations. Too often I notice people in the front row being encouraged to stand by Bruce (because those at the back have stood up) when they may not be genuinely inspired.

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    Comment number 38.

    I can only echo what the previous folks are saying about the whooping an' hollerin' an' clapping during the dances - if the floor managers are encouraging the audience to do this, then please just cut it out. And for heavens' sake cut out the truly embarrassingly stupid 'stories' when the 'let's just have a look at their training' part comes around. They aren't clever, they aren't funny and they certainly aren't necessary.

    So now Brucie takes a week off - thanks goodness. No offence, but how many here now record the show and fast forward through Sir Bruce's fumbling and unfunny jokes. I am getting very close to giving up on the show because it seems to be 'dumbing down' so much.
    Just please don't put Ronnie Corbett on in his place !
    Finally, in response to some comments above, I believe a small feature was done on Dave Arch, the band and those great singers. But it wouldn't hurt to do another - it was very interesting as I recall.
    Oh, and just who does decide who goes first, who does what dance, and who picks the music ? Please tell us, we need to know...........


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