It Takes Two - You got questions? - Week 11

Monday 10 December 2012, 12:45

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It was the weekend that had it all; a dance fusion, ample tens and a wardrobe malfunction. This week, it's Zoe's job to tease out all the gossip not only from backstage at Strictly Come Dancing but also from the rehearsal rooms... and you can help her. 

We want you to send in your questions and comments for the couples. Here is the line up for this week;


Nicky and Karen



Denise and James



Louis and Flavia

An A-MAZ-ING interview you will not want to miss!


Lisa and Robin


Kimberley and Pasha

Dani and Vincent

Our fab Friday Panel

Don't forget to leave your name and where you come from in your comment or question and the best may be included on It Takes Two. 

Tune in every weeknight, BBC Two, and get up to date with ALL the Strictly news you could ever need, including how the pro dancers are getting on in their Pro Dancer Challenge 2012. 


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    Comment number 1.

    I cannot believe that Nicky and Karen got lower marks than Lisa and Robin, what was Craig thinking? I know Lisa is a lot of fun but her dancing skills are nowhere as good as Nicky. I also know that it's the public vote that's puts them in the final two and, yes I did vote for Nicky and Karen, but I'm sure if they had got the marks from the panel that they deserved they would not have been in the final two. What is it the judges see that the public can't ? Karen Hardy noted that Lisa's dancing was not up to standard, so, just what is it that she sees (a qualified dancing judge) and the panel doesn't, the mind boggles.

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    Comment number 2.

    Will SCD producers respond to the comments raised on Nicky's leaving from results show blog? Particularly the unfair marking and Craigs dreadful comments to Nicky

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    Comment number 3.

    @Scarlett Morgan post 2

    Why should they !!!
    Nicky was in the bottom 2 due to public voting or rather lack of it in his case

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    Comment number 4.

    Will Zoe mention the overwhelming point of view about Lisa on the Strictly blog?
    Like most of the public I'm no dance expert but I saw Lisa make quite a few mistakes & yet no mention of them at all. Why?

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    Comment number 5.

    I agree Adrian12a. Craig is soooooooooooo picky (Louis's thumb!!) and yet no mention at all of the errors in Lisa's dance. Len was the only judge who commented on them at all. Why is this?
    I suspect Zoe will not be able to ask Craig because he is in panto, so will not be on ITT again this series, but it still needs bringing up with someone - maybe they could get one of the producers on to answer that and other questions raised on the blogs.

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    Comment number 6.

    Please, is this a dancing competition or a personality contest? How did Lisa get higher marks than Nicky?. Lisa's dance steps are simple and easy with choreography that most of us could dance, it's about time the general public realised there's no way she dances like the other celebrities, no way.
    Vote her out now.

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    Comment number 7.

    Still cannot believe Nicky and Karen were voted off last night! they were amazing and they both tried so hard to get through and they deserved to get through! the oublic thought they were safe and didnt vote but they were wrong! and as for the judges!! they dont know what talent is! especially Craig the way he treats Nicky! Nicky is a person not a peice of rubbish! he needs to learn some respect! he's just jealous that Nicky can dance so much better than him! :)

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    Comment number 8.

    I, like James, would like people to appreciate the effort Denise is putting into her training to make it look so effortless when it isnt. I have always loved Denise she used to give me a reason to get out of bed when she was sssoooooo funny on the Big breakfast & now she lightens up my saturday night with her fantastic dancing skills & its definately time for Lisa & her lack of dancing technique & over acted reactions to leave!!!!!

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    Comment number 9.

    Nicky and Karen did not deserve to leave last night! They worked so hard and they didnt deserve to be treated the way they were! the public thought they were safe and didnt vote but now look what happened! they got voted out! and as for the judges! they dont know what talent is!! and as for Craig! who does he think he is? he treats Nicky like crap and he doesnt deserve to be treated like that! Craig is just jealous that Nicky is a better dancer than him!! I hope Nicky doesnt take it to heart what Craig says to him because Nicky you are the best dancer ever and didnt deserve to be treated the way you were!

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    Comment number 10.

    Have the producers ever considered a choreography award for the professional dancers. Viewers could vote on their favourite dance of the season. It could be reshown, or redanced at Christmas and all the money raised could go for children in need. Carol

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    Comment number 11.

    how did the judges vote Lisa and Robin through, the last three weeks there dancing has been rubbish, judges need reminding its supposed to be a dance competition not a personality contest,and how can they say this is the best series, wake up the last two years were miles ahead,the programme has slipped back to year one when soap stars who could not dance got to the final.Plus the selection of music has been pretty poor in some cases could not see how the dance fitted it. start telling the truth we the public are not all stupid.

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    Comment number 12.

    Hello SCD fans everywhere,
    Zoe I agree with everyone else, Lisa just isn't doing enough to stay in.

    Two points for beautiful Karen, did she think there was enough content for her and Nicky to stay in, instead of sitting on a chair for 30 plus seconds.

    Also I can't belieeeeve the pros did a routine to Bjork's its oh so quiet!!!!!
    I wanted to do a ballroom dance to this for my wedding's first dance
    But wife wouldn't have it! Grounds for divorce, especially if...

    Perhaps Karen could come up with a first dance routine for our wedding...if she'll have me :)
    Ian x

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    Comment number 13.

    The thing I find frustrating, week-by-week, is the little man who runs round the dancers with a camera - please give him a week off - he's making me dizzy.

    QUESTION - who are the professional partners of the SCD Professionals?

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    Comment number 14.

    I'm afraid that Lisa has been a virtually non dancing "competitor" for a week or two now. I'd like to see what is said if she stays in at the expense of one of the others left next week. Only Karen on ITT has commented upon her lack of dancing ability

    What is up with Craig? He is all for good dance yet lets Lisa off the hook every time

    Be good to know if anyone at the BBC is monitoring comments

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    Comment number 15.

    Agree with you tangodancer99.
    Len is on tonight instead so please Zoe, ask him as well as asking his opinion on Craig's treatment of Nicky on Saturday. (I thought it disgraceful conduct of a Judge)

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    Comment number 16.

    I have to agree with most of the people here, when will Craig be told that personal comments and nasty remarks are not what the audience or the celebrities/professionals want to hear. Constructive critisim is far more helpful. I thought Nicky's last two dances (the Argentine Tango and Fusion) were some of the best dances we have seen this series. Craig's inappropriate comments on Saturday made me feel that he just doesn't like Nicky personally, or Karen as a choreographer, as he has been very insulting since the first week and their subsequent dances. It was obvious to anyone watching that Lisa made a couple of very noticable errors in her dance routine, both this week and last week and yet Len was the only one who saw them??? I love her, and her enthusiasm but this is a dance competition not a personality contest and the blatant favouratism towards her by ALL the judges is becoming unbearable. Just my opinion!

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    Comment number 17.

    Questions need to be answered as to why Craig was so against Nicky right from the very beginning. Giving him 5 this week was despicable. Denise has made mistakes but the judges have always given her high marks. This has been the worst series for biased judging.

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    Comment number 18.

    Hello Zoe, question and comment for Louis and Flavia. Louis was an absolute gentleman on the results show, he and Flavia showed such respect for Denise. Flavia you looked amazing in that hot pink dress! Flavia will you be performing the Argentine Tango with Louis, please please say yes, I think it would be a dance to remember. Louis to win please. Thank you darling Zoe, love it when you and Ian Waite together. RJ in Belgium. Yes we get BBC1 over here and love Strictly.

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    Comment number 19.

    nicky and karen you were fantastic.Nicky you made your country proud and did your best :]

    p.s. i think craig might just be a little jealous that you can dance and he can't.
    Dubs stick together .
    anne , dublin.

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    Comment number 20.

    Must say, it was absolutely great to see Michael Buble on the show this Sunday. He's a perfect performer to have as a guest and SCD is far more appropriate for him than X Factor ever will be. Bring him back next year and THANKS!


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