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Wednesday 21 November 2012, 08:51

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Good morning from a wet and gloomy car/station/train/school. As my old colleague Jane Garvey tweeted yesterday, if only there was a winter,party based celebration on the way...
Having explained about my chat yesterday with Naomi Watts, an unusual turn of events meant that Naomi turned into Ewan McGregor who plays her husband in the film The Impossible. Fortunately Ewan is always a brilliant, thoughtful and engaging guest and all was well. I had to lose my questions about Princess Diana (she's just finished filming a bio-pic) but otherwise (hopefully!) no one, apart from you dear blogger, will be any the wiser.
Today Taylor Swift graces us with her presence. One of the biggest American country and pop singers in the world does a turn. The stats on Taylor are staggering but Grammys and CMA awards and 20 million album sales tell their own story. She has a huge entourage which is unusual among the stars that usually come to R2 but when you reach Taylor herself, she is delightful. A woman in control of her career and team (it seems to me) and if her new album is anything to go by, someone poised to try a few new ideas. Duets with Gary Lightbody and Ed Sheeran are very good I think and the Lightbody track particularly show a generous nature-it sounds more of a Tired Pony/Snow Patrol track really. But he won't be here and Taylor will from 6.
And oldies today please for THE LAST TYPEWRITER which was made yesterday. My mother had one and was very fast too. As a kid she used to tell me how useful it would be if I could learn to type. Ha! I scorned, who's going to need those skills? I had no intention of being a secretary after all and so ignored her advice. You were right ma! If only I'd listened I'd be able to blog at twice the speed...
Have a vigourous and thorough Wednesday. See you after 5


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    Comment number 1.

    9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
    There's an orchestral piece that includes typewriter but can't think of its title or composer
    Alphabet Street by Prince

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    Comment number 2.

    Good morning all from a dry above but very soggy underfoot Scottish Borders. And 'Thank you, Simon' for my double mensh last night - I think I've just about recovered from the excitement!

    The last typewriter oldies, I'll have to have a thunk because the only thing that springs to mind at the moment is

    ABC - The Jacksons

    Back in a bit with some, hopefully, more inspired suggestions. (I don't want to speak too soon but I think the computer is my friend today, sshhh)

    SE x

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    Comment number 3.

    Good morning all!

    Quite a tricky theme this morning.

    Can only think of :

    Kiss And Tell - Bryan Ferry Lots of typewriter tapping in the intro.

    The Secretary - Sailor

    Lady Writer - Dire Straits

    mc x

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    Comment number 4.

    Oh Simon - Ewan McGregor ........ *goes weak at the knees*

    Morning all (sorry, got distracted by my hormones for a moment!). Another horrid, dark and wet day here. 3 1/2 weeks though til we break up so I mustn't grumble....

    Oldies (a tough theme I think):
    Brother, can you spare a dime - George Michael
    This is the Last Time - Keane
    Made in England - Elton John (actually I think it was Wales....)

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    Comment number 5.

    THE TYPEWRITER -Composed by Leroy Anderson, played by many


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