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Like an old cheese

Thursday 4 October 2012, 10:29

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Condensation flooding down the windows, welcome to October 'in full effect' as the kids probably don't say anymore. A-leaf kicking we will go. Despite always being told that 'you don't know what's under there' I still find a heap of leaves an unmissable temptation. Similarly, a supermarket trolley. If the route to your car is on a slight incline, of course you have to climb on board and whizz past the more mature and sedate of the community! They may well tut but that extra 0.5 mph will send you on your way will a skip in your step. You might legitimately argue that the next step is to be one of those saddos who, on reaching venerable middle age, buy roller skates and pierce their nose. But that's what kids are for; fear of ridicule is a powerful thing.
Last night, post-show, and to Anthony Horowitz's book launch. Missed the speeches (though having Anthony on the show on Monday I feel I'm up to speed on that really) but the room was full of the great and good in publishing all discussing 'the future'. This means the collapse of bookshops and the power of online retailers and is the reason the drink flowed and much fun was had. Whatever happens, we need great stories and great storytellers and Anthony H is certainly one of those.
Tonight that master of the kitchen Nigel Barden whips up slow roasted rabbit with prunes, ale and chocolate. I just rang him for details and he's full of the joys of an autumnal pot roast-details tonight! And oldies please on NATIONAL POETRY DAY. You can of course look up what you suggested last time, I won't tell.
Have a fresh and invigorating Thursday. See you at 5.


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    Comment number 1.

    Good Morning Simon and Everyone

    Can't get the thought of roasted rabbit and prunes out of my head.............YUK!..........

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    Comment number 2.

    Good Morning again –

    Avoiding Johnny Tillotson -



    NOTHING RHYMED – Gilbert O’Sullivan

    DESIDERATA – Les Crane

    From Childrens’ Favourites - THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT – Elton Hayes

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    Comment number 3.

    Good Morning Simon, Team and Blogpoppets

    I have never eaten rabbit in my life - I have/had too many friends who have them as pets. Lovely blogger Sal for one...


    SONNET - The Verve

    CLASSIC - Adrian Gurvitz

    POETRY IN MOTION - Johnny Tillotson

    MORE THAN WORDS - Extreme

    ROSES ARE RED MY LOVE - Jim Reeves (can we have Jim on DT two days running...?)

    DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE - Mamas and Papas


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    Comment number 4.

    Morning again

    I won't avoid POETRY IN MOTION -Johnny Tillotson

    I'll second Billie's HOME THOUGHTS FROM ABROAD and NOTHING RHYMED - two of my favourites!

    Work beckons!

    T x

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    Comment number 5.

    Oh, poohsticks - missed one that was on my list *waits patiently for 180 seconds to pass while someone else nips in and suggests it*

    ODE TO BILLIE JOE - Bobbie Gentry



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