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Like an old cheese

Thursday 4 October 2012, 10:29

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Condensation flooding down the windows, welcome to October 'in full effect' as the kids probably don't say anymore. A-leaf kicking we will go. Despite always being told that 'you don't know what's under there' I still find a heap of leaves an unmissable temptation. Similarly, a supermarket trolley. If the route to your car is on a slight incline, of course you have to climb on board and whizz past the more mature and sedate of the community! They may well tut but that extra 0.5 mph will send you on your way will a skip in your step. You might legitimately argue that the next step is to be one of those saddos who, on reaching venerable middle age, buy roller skates and pierce their nose. But that's what kids are for; fear of ridicule is a powerful thing.
Last night, post-show, and to Anthony Horowitz's book launch. Missed the speeches (though having Anthony on the show on Monday I feel I'm up to speed on that really) but the room was full of the great and good in publishing all discussing 'the future'. This means the collapse of bookshops and the power of online retailers and is the reason the drink flowed and much fun was had. Whatever happens, we need great stories and great storytellers and Anthony H is certainly one of those.
Tonight that master of the kitchen Nigel Barden whips up slow roasted rabbit with prunes, ale and chocolate. I just rang him for details and he's full of the joys of an autumnal pot roast-details tonight! And oldies please on NATIONAL POETRY DAY. You can of course look up what you suggested last time, I won't tell.
Have a fresh and invigorating Thursday. See you at 5.


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    Comment number 101.

    i got a mention yippee

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    Comment number 102.

    Good evening,

    Just thought I would pop in very quickly to congratulate Jennie on the century.

    Also wanted to say how pleased I was to see the return of the Mac.

    Didn't get to listen to any of the show this evening but looking forward to a loud and proud Blogger ARFO tomorrow. Fingets crossed...

    Night night.

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    Comment number 103.

    Just call me miss miss-aligned. Long time since I’ve been so disconnected form the music. Not that familiar with 4 of the oldies and not a fan of the Verve. Plus not a fan of Michael Jackson, Keane or the Beach Boys. Oh well I enjoyed all the regular bits and it is really rare for me to feel like this about so much of the music. Did particularly enjoy the showstopper. Just my tuppence-worth as I am quick enough to say how much I enjoy the show usually.

    Well done to everyone who got mentions - I also heard Tortie-cat for Home Thoughts from Abroad - lovely choice from you & Billie.

    Simon is going to have to find somewhere else for his quiz questions, the Eureka magazine mentioned is being discontinued - shame as it is a good read.

    Zoe - from elsewhere I think - I envy you visiting Media City but my one comment is how ghastly the carpets look on the 5 Live streaming.

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    Comment number 104.

    Just to clarify, if I sounded as if I was moaning above, I wasn’t. I have many, many, many days without even a sniff of an OSM but it is rare for me not to at least know the oldies played (and generally go doh, why didn’t I think of that).

    The only bad part of working from home on a Friday is my reluctance to go to bed on a Thursday night.

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    Comment number 105.

    hi amelia are you the same amelia that some suggested i add on fb

    al x

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    Comment number 106.

    Evening gazza - probably but there is a story, a boring one, but since you ask I'd better explain. I've never used fb, don't really know way, I have enough ways to procrastinate without it and twitter is my social media of choice. For reasons unknown I joined fb a couple of weeks ago & almost at once deleted my account. But not before sending most folk here friends requests. So, sorry, no offense meant, just me being me, been dithering if I should say something so glad you asked gazza.

    Always delighted to follow anyone on here on twitter of course.

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    Comment number 107.

    #106 im on twitter as well anyone can follow me on there and on fb, i post vids on fb of the arf opening tunes on the blogpoppet page if you need my name but the twitter pic is differant because i dont know how to change it,its a pic of me holding a camera on twitter.

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    Comment number 108.

    Can't see anything on fb without joining I think. I'm idioteques7 on twitter, fields, beach, sky picture.

    Like your idea of posting arfo vid.

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    Comment number 109.

    #108 im following you now on twitter

    thanks about the vids i got everyone in order from when the arf openers started the only ones i havent put on are the songs chosen on children in need day because its not really an arf show and the ones not chosen by the public (like when patrick keilty chose one and another time some women i think was filling in 4 rebecca chose the opener)thay dont count only the public ones count.

    gazza xx

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    Comment number 110.

    Good Morning All

    Has everyone slept in?

    The first 2 lines of California Dreaming would sum up the weather here today. Soooooooo glad it's Friday

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    Comment number 111.

    Good morning Shona and anyone else out there - I've only just staggered out of bed.

    It's been raining over night but dry at the moment.

    This week has gone really quickly - nearly Sat again!! - which must be great for all working folks out there who are lucky enough to have the weekend off.


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    Comment number 112.

    Good Morning!

    Very pleasant here - blue sky and sunshine - a decided "nip" in the air!


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