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Friday 19 October 2012, 10:11

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Me again. Thanks for checking the blog, it has been a mad week but the weekend approacheth and maybe a little space for things like going for a walk, watching clouds and sitting on a bench. I can't quite imagine it but you never know. I was supposed to go to see another film this morning but that went away and so I sit at my kitchen table for this epistle. Everyone else is asleep (or still out, one of the two) so I'm taking advantage of a few minutes of silence to tap some keys.
Last night was the team meal and Nigel walked us around the block to an Italian restaurant I never knew existed. Matt coughed and sniffled his way through a couple of courses but there were no chips so he went home. I owed £60 to the drinks bill as I have to put £10 in the kitty everytime I say 'here we go' to a caller on ARF. I realised I was saying it all the time so imposed the fine on myself but there have still been 6 outbreaks in 4 weeks so recompense had to be paid. Now we are quits and we start again; I'm sure there'll be someone keeping score for the Christmas party. Could be expensive.
Also yesterday, I recorded a chat with Art Garfunkel a man I have been listening to all my life. It was quite a session! Im not sure I've done an interview like it before- it goes out on Tuesday and I'll post more about it then. But it's worth looking out for next week...
Meantime to 5L and the film show with some reviews and Tim Burton is our guest. His new film is Frankenweenie and a brilliant black and white, 3D animation about a kid and his dog and a bunch of strange of characters as you'd expect from Tim Burton. Then the ARF tunes take over again and we'll be all set for another top weekend. Or maybe just a weekend.
Have a well-dressed and surprisingly marvellous Friday, see you after 2&5


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    Comment number 1.

    Top o' the morning to you,

    I saw her standing there - The Beatles please


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    Comment number 2.

    ... if not, a mention would be great for Charlotte, Abi, Ella and Jasmine - we'll be in the car off into Derby to celebrate Charlotte's 12 birthday at that well-known restaurant that celebrates the fact it's Friday...

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    Comment number 3.

    Waffling away on the previous blog and here you 'all' are ;)

  • Comment number 4.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 5.

    Hello again Sal - and Amy - I think everyone is preparing for hibernation; that's what it feels like today and yours and my shopping list must be from the same mould Sal.

    We bought a slow cooker yesterday so goodies must be bought to produce some delicious one pot wonders which are light on washing up - my kind of eating!

    If there was a 3 word Friday - tooth still holding!


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    Comment number 6.

    Great news about the tooth Jennie.


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    Comment number 7.

    All that waffling and "here we go"................ I forgot my ARFO


    I have visions of carfuls (?) of people going away for the weekend, wiggling around on their seats, trying to do the twist while travelling up the M1 or where-ever - don't you, NYM?


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    Comment number 8.


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    Comment number 9.

    Good Morning Simon, Team and Blogpoppets

    Simon, I have never noticed you saying 'here we go' to ARF callers - now I and probably a few others will be listening out for it...

    As it is the anniversary of Alan Murphy's death (although he didn't play on this track) and I as I am going to see them next week (woohoo!) can I suggest:

    LESSONS IN LOVE - Level 42

    for the ARFO. Thank you.

    #5 Not hibernating, but as I am usually at work by the time the new blog arrives I can't always get here as early as I'd like to...


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    Comment number 10.

    #4 ???

    Do the moderators not realise that is the title of a song?


    #9 please ignore the superfluous I


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    Comment number 11.

    Good morning all from a wet and chilly place, very autumnal feeling here.

    Suggestions for todays ARF opener:-



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    Comment number 12.

    Woohoo, I've been modded :)

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    Comment number 13.

    Morning Simon, team, NYM and slow-cooking bloggers,

    It definitely feels like a weekend to be outside and enjoying the last of the temperatures in the teens, while there's still some warmth in the sun, and the leaves are crunching underfoot.

    And it's also the start of half-term in these parts - 2 out of 3 sons are off on school trips, so the house will be eerily quiet (wonders it it's too late to persuade the remaining one to go and find something interesting to do....!!)






    Good day all!


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    Comment number 14.

    #4 - ? I just remember reading a song title, Sal. Can't remember what it was , mind!!

    Are they being sensitive this morning?


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    Comment number 15.

    Lets try again....

    HERE WE GO 2, 3, 4... (without revealing what Gordon allegedly may be) - Jilted John!

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    Comment number 16.

    #4 / 15 Sal, you should know better than calling former Prime Ministers and celebrity chefs names!

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    Comment number 17.

    Morning all

    Sal - I think the response could only be "it's so unfair, it's so unfair..."

    As a small but select band of bloggers are meeting up in Sheffield can I suggest foir ARFO either

    PULP - DISCO 2000



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    Comment number 18.

    Hee John!

    I've had the smack bottom email, explaining why!

    Have just found it on Twitter ( where its obviously less likely to offend ) as a suggestion, when Simon was looking for songs about plebs!!

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    Comment number 19.

    OOh yes..

    All Sheffield bound Bloggers, have a great 'meet up' Hope the sun shines for you :)

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    Comment number 20.

    Fridee Greetings Ter One Of My Favourite DJ's/ Broadcasters Of Broadcasting AKA Mr Simon Mayo (Favourite But Noot In A Sickening Sycophantical Sentimentation... More In An Admiring Way) & ALL Bloggies...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    Mayo Man & ALL - A don't wanter bring the blog down or come across as looking for sympathy... But a too 'ave 'ad a crazy sanity testing week... 'opefully by sharing my difficulties it will make any bloggers who've 'ad a bad week realise it could be worse!!!!!!!
    AND they do say a problem shared is a problem 'alved:

    3 weeks yesterdee a injured me back after a bloke at the builders merchants threw a concrete lintel inter me arms... Thus popping something in me back!!!!!!!
    Last week being positive a thought me back was getting better and after 2 weeks on the sick at work.... A decided ter use me 3 rest days ter keep active as the doc told me ter do!!!!!!
    So despite the pain a mentally prepared mesen for knocking out me wall, putting in me new pvcu french doors on me 'ouse exterior wall... Bang in me lintel (yes the offending one) and then build me wall above complete with new pitched roof above.... All ter sort out me leaking bay window problem, sort out me rising damp problem and increase me kitchen size by putting a new door in the other side of me back of me 'ouse... Thus making way ter take out me old door and brick it up ter make the kitchen bigger!!!!!!
    Despite me pain.... And doing the job of three men on me own.... And being the first time ave done anything pvcu in the DIY stakes.... A did it all!!!!!!!!
    A mind of steel... Of determining detertmination!!!!!!!!!
    (track cyclists take note... They should be frightened of Bingo Star when 'is 'ealth is back and 'e 'its the veloderomdome!!!!!)

    The only problem if that wasn't enough in the middle of doing the 3 dee job... Me mother rang me ter tell me she thinks she is 'aving a 'eart attack and our cat of 12 years who is very ill with kidney failure is looking VERY bad!!!!!!!!!
    Nice so me mother and cat might drop dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Being 30 miles away a could do nothing but dial 999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Result Mum in 'ospital ASAP.... And a promised a would take Tom the cat ter the vet ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But a couldn't leave me 'ouse a sit 'ad a BIG 'ole in the wall!!!!!!!

    That evening a drove the 30miles ter me Mum's 'ome.... 'elped the cat and the next morning went ter the vet ter 'elp save Tom!!!!!!
    Then later ter collect me Mum from 'ospital!!!!!!!
    Thankfully a false alarm as it wasn't a 'eart attack... Just bad anxiety brought on by 'er worrying about 'er beloved cat and companion!!!!!!!!
    (me Mum 'as 20% lung capacity and 'as 'as 'eart attacks before 'ence no chance taken if she 'as chest pains!!!!!)

    All this with me being unable ter walk properly with me bad back and sharp pain down me left leg!!!!!!!!

    Mondee it was back ter work as am worried about too much time off on the sick!!!!!!
    An assessment in which the result is a can only do light duties only!!!!!!
    So Tuesdee onter nights at work as this is when a can do work that involves only driving a truck not unloading it which is impossible for me!!!!!!!

    The pain of walking and climbing out of me truck is agony.... Maybe a shouldn't be back at work with me back!!!!!!!!!
    But am worried about losing me job after being threatened with possible disiplinary action through too much sickeness!!!!!!
    If yer 'ave 5 sickness in a rolling 12 months it can trigger disciplinary action!!!!!
    Even though in 20123 ave 'ad only 2 days seperate sickness before this.... And 2 separate weeks in 2011!!!!!!!!
    But just within the 12 months rolling period!!!!!!

    The pain was so bad a went back ter the walk in centre at the 'ospital ter see another doc.... This time for me not for me Mum!!!!!!!
    After me 2 previous GP visits said ave goot sciatica and a ligament strain.... 3 weeks of not getting better am worried all!!!!!!!!!

    The 'ossie doc said 'e thinks me disc 'as slipped!!!!!!!!!

    Then after the 'ossie off ter buy a new microwave for me Mum that broke the dee she came out of 'ossie!!!!!!!

    Yesterdee a 'elped me elderly Mum set up 'er new microwave.... Only ter find it is faulty!!!!!
    So back ter change it.... Despite carrying a 16kg microwave is very painful for me!!!!!!!
    Goot new microwave (2nd one).... And 'appy ter say now working!!!!!!!!!!

    Went ter see me GP again yesterdee and now been recommended ter go and see a physiotherepapapaptheerist ter 'elp me get ter the bottom of the pain in me bottom, back and whole left leg!!!!!!!

    This morning straight in fast for an session with the physio.... Told ave goot a buldging disc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thankfully noot as bad as a slipped or damaged!!!!!!!!!!

    Also off ter collect Tom the cat who positively 'as been on a drip ter clear the toxins from 'is kidneys.....
    Me Mum is 'ome and fine.....
    The new microwave is working nice.....
    And 'opefully a can get me back fixed with the exercises the physio 'as shown me AND am going back ter see 'er on Mondee.....
    Oh and me french doors are in and all is most nice.....

    So after a trying week.....

    Maybe there is light begining ter appear at the end on the Bingo Star tunnel of darkness that 'as been the October!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace ter all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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