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Gunpowder, Treason and Cop

Monday 5 November 2012, 08:11

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Dark and cold. Time for a duvet day! Let's not work at all. I'd like to read the 3 books I need to finish, bake some toffee and let a firework off. In between, I'd like to snooze and tidy the house. Mrs M has been away a few days, leaving me in sole charge of house and 2 children and I need to make sure everything is as ship shape as it needs to be. I only broke one bowl, managed to cook all the meals that were expected, taxied as needed, finished the new book's rewrites and all with a lovely cold to moan about. I need a break. However I have just been informed I need to provide a protractor and pair of compasses before 10am. Right. You couldn't have mentioned that a little earlier? Maybe when the shops are open and there was time to shop? Oh well, we'll muddle on through somehow.
And there's a show to put on! The Radio 2 Bookclub features the new Ian Rankin novel 'Standing in Another Man's Grave'. It sees the return of his top cop Rebus investigating a series of murders on the A9 and is, as you would expect, a terrific read. Actually he's not a cop at all. He's working in the Cold Cases Unit of the Lothian and Borders Police in Edinburgh and not exactly thrilled with his retired status (and we are not surprised). But the law has changed and cops don't have to retire at 60 anymore so Rebus is reapplying. He may well be back for a while. You can read some classic Rebus here ahead of Ian's appearance tonight from 6.
And oldies of course for BONFIRE NIGHT. Remember remember, the 5th of November etc even though it doesn't seem to hold the imagination the way it used to. A few years ago we had rockets exploding around us for weeks but now it all seems a little more gentle and restrained. But 5TH NOVEMBER tunes please and we can have our own fireworks and toffee evening.
Have a sparky and illuminated Monday, see you after 5


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    Comment number 61.

    #38 Snap! Sort of.

    I was at the dentist this morning too with a very sensitive tooth I've had for a while. The dentist decided to take out the filling which was already there (and had been so for about 38 years so it's not done too badly) and replace it with a nice shiny new one and she coated my tooth near the gum in something magic just to be sure - belt and braces. Only thing was every time she tried to drill the old filling out (SORRY!!!) I nearly hit the ceiling so she kept giving me more and more anaesthetic injections - I think my mouth will be numb for a week!

    On the positive side, though, my visit only cost £11.12 - bargain! I'm sure the vet will extract plenty of money from me this afternoon to make up for it mind you.


    SE x

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    Comment number 62.

    Afternoon all!

    "The Unforgettable Fire" U2.

    I thank you.

    Off to read the blog now!


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    Comment number 63.

    Afternoon all!
    Late to the choon-chosing, so won't clog up the database with my (poor) selection.
    Our HUGE town fireworks was last Saturday and we didn't go as we have a lovely local one this Saturday (plus birthday party afterwards for #2 daughter) but we've been hearing bangs and whistles for days now!!

    I muchly liked #49's joke hee hee will pass that on to my Maths teacher friend! and #52 that date is diarised for me!
    My friend who got thru round one of Mastermind with 'French opera of *certain dates*', had his 2nd round recently but is not allowed to say how he got on, except his demeanor gives him away :-(
    Would be funny if you two met on there!?

    RE 02 gigs on the Cowley Rd, isn't it great, unless the gig says 'age 18 and over only' you CAN take your kids along (if they'll go!).
    Only concern I have is that the gig we saw a week or so ago there (with daughter then aged 13 years, 11 months and 338 days) was very very loud and I worry that their precious hearing will be damaged.
    The Radiohead gig in Paris sold foam earplugs...it's something other venues could learn from. (Didn't use them myself, we were sat far too far away to be in danger of hearing loss!)

    RE Duvet day YES please!! It's a Monday morning feeling for me, every week.
    RE DT Dude looking after 2 kids for a few days on his own - having been in that situation for many years (due to early demise of other parent) I have to say that people who do it every day, week in week out (for whatever reason) need nothing but praise, support and tolerance from society - sadly not something they get in spades, certainly from the media.

    *soapbox moment over...*

    Back to the grindstone I guess - skipping class done, now time to gorge myself on cup a soup and apples...I know how to live!
    Good luck with menches all and congrats to Queen Autumn Gale


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    Comment number 64.

    #61 I seemed to have far more anaesthetic than I needed! Mine's worn off now, so lunch has been consumed (somewhat tentatively though!) At least the cost of your treatment wasn't too painful!

    I forgot to say earlier, well done Autumn Gale for the ARFO!

    T x

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    Comment number 65.

    #52 Tsk, tsk.

    1) Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel - Simple Minds

    2) Rocket to the Moon - Runrig

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    Comment number 66.

    Morning Greetings In The Afternoon Ter Mr Mayo Man & ALL Bloggies...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    The fireworks that are on my mind terdee are noot the 5th of November type.... Although the fireworks am thinking about are taking place VERY much on the 5th of Novemeber!!!!!!!!

    What am a talking about??????
    A don't now, sorry know!!!!!!
    Butta will try ter tell yer what a don't know but what a think a know:

    Man do a 'ope Barracks Obama gets beck in a president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A just feel 'aving a black president is VERY good for world stability.... It diffusssesss tensions in the world!!!!!!!!
    And despite the economic crisis.... We are begining ter stablise financially.... Despite the world economy is still broke.....
    A just feel for these and many other reasons Obama is better!!!!!!!

    Glad ter 'elp!

    PS Am noot a party pooper.... A love fireworks..... A was always the first ter buy fireworks as a young adult and only let them off under FULL firework code conditions/ rules AND only on November 5th!!!!!!!!

    My show tune 'as ter be what probably everybody on the blog 'as chosen (and ave noot read any commentations yet so am noot cheating).....

    Katy Perry - Firework!!!!!!!! Most nice tune ter build self esteem without risk of a faulty blue torch paper.... Believe me 'av 'ad a few in me time and following the firework code a never approached me failed firework!!!!!!!!!
    In fact one year a took a VERY BIG safe precaution of telephoning the local army bomb disposal dudes!!!!!!!!!
    Well that's whatta told the judge!!!!!!!

    Tatty bye! ENJOY terneet!!!!!!! ;-))))

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    Comment number 67.

    #61 - Erica - I hope the vet visit is for a four-legged family member ? You didn't specify. I remember from a previous blog that you live near Ancrum where I have a friend - she is a vet (Fiona Steele).

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    Comment number 68.

    #57 Yup, if I had to make a prediction it would be that tomorrow's gig will be their last. I suppose it's entirely possible that one of them needs a long break for some other reason, and I guess some fans are hoping that's it, but the complete lack of eye contact looked ominous to me. That seems odd if two musicians still have any rapport. We'll see.

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    Comment number 69.

    Hi Simon, Team and Best Bloggers,

    Light My Fire ~ by The Doors

    Ameila, now that I'm back can't speak a word of Italian other than: Un altro gelato al caffe per favore!
    #49 Jeffrey, we have been watching but the scores have been too low to be the show you are on - thanks for the date.
    #52 Such a funny maths lady!

    It's so nice that everyone lays of fireworks for my birthday. With hubby working, not going out so I stopped on the way home from the gym at one of the lower cost food chains and picked up three frozen lobsters for dinner. Older and unfortunately not wiser.

    LB, x

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    Comment number 70.

    Lunchtime catch-up

    #38 T-C . Oh no, poor you (see what I did there?!). I'm going there tomorrow, box of paracetamol in one hand, sack of gold bullion in the other.

    #61 Erica - £11.12? You can't even buy a pair of pliers for that.

    #49 Jeffrey - glad to hear all went well with Sgt Pepper, and good luck for the next one. Funnily enough, GoodChild#2 and I were discussing the idea of "an album" and listening to it from start to finish. It was all triggered when another radio station (yes, they are available!) played a song from Bat out of Hell,which we then discussed as an album, and I did a spontaneous rendition of "On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses...." which amused him and excited Mrs Good. I think the music industry should love your concept - more revenue from an existing album, bring on a surprise guest or two, a nice multimedia presentation with interviews, photos,footage, the whole backstory, and a theatre full of paying guests who buy merchandise on the way out after two glasses of chardonnay in the interval. Are you planning to take it on tour? You should try to protect the concept somehow.

    *takes off marketing hat and continues as normal*

    Deebee - Loght my fire! is that the celtic version?

    Billie - from ages and ages ago. Carnal rites round the woodburner?????

    Zoe - hope you're feeling a bit more refreshed now.

    #52 Lady_S and #63 Suzieeeeee Ha! Here's another one: How did the mathematician cure his constipation?

    He worked it out with a pencil!

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    Comment number 71.

    Smoke on the water Deep Purple
    Bang bang BA Robertson
    Flash bang wallop Tommy Steele
    All fired up Pat Benatar
    Fire with fire Scissor Sisters
    Fire and rain James Taylor
    Smoke gets in your eyes The Platters
    (Catherine) wheels Foo Fighters
    Heat of the moment Asia
    Rocket man Elton John
    Firework Katy Perry
    Rocket Def Leppard
    Loving you has made me bananas Guy marks
    This town aint big enough for the both of us Sparks
    Zoom Fat Larrys Band
    I Saw the Light Todd Rundgren
    Flash Queen
    Harden my heart Quarterflash
    Light my fire The Doors
    Fields of fire Big Country
    Fuse sorry now Journey

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    Comment number 72.

    #67 Yes, PC, one of my whippets. We do have a Fiona at the vets but she's not one of the vets, she's an assistant/nurse I think. Got to go back in a week so the final bill mounts....

    Just been interrupted by a doorstep interviewer asking me a 1000 questions about Europe which are not easy to answer when your mouth and tongue are numb so I've lost my thread now.

    Love the maths jokes, by the way, being a faded mathematician myself. Here's one for any fellow nerds, borrowed from Dara O'Briain:

    Did you know Benoit B. Mandelbrot's middle initial stands for Benoit B. Mandelbrot?

    Should I get my coat?

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    Comment number 73.

    #38 Tortie & #61 Erica – hope the numbness is wearing off!

    #49 Jeffrey – I keep meaning to listen to Owl City – interesting to read that you enjoyed them so much. You vinyl evening sound great too.

    Great that you finally have a transmission date – I’m really looking forward to watching the show.

    #63 Suzy – from last week – did you say were you at the Radiohead South Park gig back in 2001? Very jealous!

    #69 Lilac Blue – haha but did you enjoy it and your holiday?

    #52 Lady S & #70 JBG #72 Erica much giggling here!

    Not a fan of fireworks – lived in Leeds for too long where they seemed to last from mid-October to after Christmas. Blissfully here they are a brief, once a year affair that can be watched relatively silently from the comforts of my sitting room / living room / lounge / wee room (I’m sure we have had this conversation before about what we call that room?)

    Weekend was mainly spent at vets then putting drops into the sore eye of a poorly dog 5 times a day. He tolerates my fumbling much better than I would if someone was holding my eye open and squirting stuff in it.

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    Comment number 74.

    #72 - Fiona is a good Gaelic name. The one I know was born in England but went to Glasgow vet school and married a Scot, hence now living in Ancrum. The TV vet Steve Leonard and his brothers were at their wedding.

    I think I sort of understand the Mandelbrot thing, but couldn't explain it to someone else. I looked him up - French/American born in Poland to a Lithuanian Jewish family. That's a confused background - explains the fractal thing.

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    Comment number 75.

    Have enjoyed reading back the posts today. A busy day has prevented me from joining in unfortunately.

    Loving the maths humour too so can I just add a mathematical observation........

    There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.

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    Comment number 76.


    .......... () ...() ...() ...() ... ()
    .......... .┃.....┃.....┃.....┃......┃
    .......... \♫♪♫★☆★☆★♫♪♫/

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    Comment number 77.

    How rude of me. Happy birthday Lilac Blue. X

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    Comment number 78.

    Another maths joke:

    A team of engineers were required to measure the height of a flag pole. They only had a measuring tape, and were getting quite frustrated trying to keep the tape along the pole. It kept falling down, etc. A mathematician comes along, finds out their problem, and proceeds to remove the pole from the ground and measure it easily. When he leaves, one engineer says to the other: "Just like a mathematician! We need to know the height, and he gives us the length!"

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    Comment number 79.

    #73 yes, I was at the last local gig Radiohead did - Oxford's Southparks - they played headlining with local bands in July 2001 - it was amazeballs (as my #2 daughter would say) we even had Supergrass as support - but it rained like a Polish football evening, from about 5 songs in - the special stand they had built for Radiohead family/friends was open air, so they didn't stay long :-(
    Thom was asked once about doing more local gigs but said it was too 'rainy'...ha! He should have been in the open air. Still MAGIC though.
    I also saw Elton John at the Oxford football stadium (2008 I think) it was great too, no crowd control, (no need!) we were at the front a metre away from himself, jiving to Crockodile rock!
    Not a great fan of Grandad rock myself, ie sitting down watching a rock band on a huge screen - might as well be at home!

    Off to cycle home now, not looking forward to it at all, at least at 5.05 there is something decent to listen to!

    Enjoy the show peeps

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    Comment number 80.

    #69 Happy Birthday!!
    Slightly early arrival were you?
    nearly 9 months from Valentines day...!!
    #just sayin
    We bought those frozen lobsters too from Li*l this weekend, made a stonking chowder (practice for a dinner party in 2 weeks time!)
    Really am off now


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