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Wednesday 12 December 2012, 09:53

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Icy school run today with the trees and parks looking fantastic. The sprinkling of frost has livened up some of the drabbest scenes. Wouldn't want to be cycling anywhere but in the warmth of the car it was quite a jolly trip. I even managed to get some Rick Wakeman on the CD player! He's re-recorded the 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' album he originally released in 1974. I had some Paul Simon in my collection, some T Rex and some Elton John but I had never heard anything like this live concept album, complete with choirs, orchestras and narrator. I was a convert!  Rick is in today and it will be wonderful.

We have the Elton John piano in place and all he has to do is to swish his cape, sit himself down and we'll be off. A selection of 70s hits, prog solos and Christmas classics will put everything to rights. We might even order a curry for him (its a fine anecdote, much told).

Thanks for all the comments on the 'sparkly new look' which, as many have said, is not presented in a very helpful way really. I've passed it all on and hopefully we'll get some comments back. Bare with...

Songs today please for the selection, erection and decoration of the CHRISTMAS TREE. Ours arrives today and is still the greatest moment, even with the needles getting everywhere and the inevitable light tangle.

Have a stimulating and original Wednesday, see you after 5.


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    Comment number 83.

    Morning!! Just got back from a fabulous walk - so beautiful out there. The spider's webs, the seed pods, all the grass and trees, all covered in twinkly frost. Thank goodness, however, I hadn't read this before I went as it would have been a tad chilly 'baring' with Simon today out there. I'm all for blogger solidarity but that would have been a step just a little bit too far.

    Christmas tree oldies? Am racking my brains for the song that sums it up for me. Is there a song with the lyrics:

    'Oh b***** these lights, they really frustrate me.
    They worked on the floor but not now on the tree.
    I've checked all the bulbs, the plug and the cable
    (I had to remove them, stretch them out on the table
    where lo and behold, the d***** things re-lit)
    I've had enough now, YES I have, THIS IS IT!!
    So I fling them back on, doesn't matter which way
    'YOU do them from now on' to my husband I say
    'They work on the table they work on the floor
    The tree can go naked'!!, and I flounce through the door....

    Christmas tree lights - what would we do without them?

    Ps: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS - COLDPLAY for me please x

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    Comment number 84.

    PS On the cycling in winter... A 'eard Simon talking about it yesterdee.... A went out last week as it's getting colder cycling for a load of new warm sports/ cycling type gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A got a good selection... But also for the first time a thought if am serious about cycling... Ave gotta embrace the lycra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For the first time ever!!!!!!!
    A fine pair of lycra trousers were for sale.... A were duely purchased!!!!!

    Only problem on trying them on.... A look like a 'camp male ballet dancer!!!!!'

    For sure Louie Spence and Lynford Christie would be most proud of me.... Although maybe a little jealous of the bulge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    'ow can a go out in these a thought!!!!!!

    A will wear them under me sports pants!!!!!

    And a did last week cycling by the seaside.... And they did 'elp keep me abit more warm!!!!!!

    Only problem the past 2 nights cycling 'ome at 2am in -7 temp... It's been very painful without them!!!!
    As ave left them at me mother's 'ouse!!!!!!
    Mondee night a cycled 'ome... 'ad ter be careful as the roads were very icy... So cold that even the gritted road begins ter freeze despite being gritted!!!!!
    A wrapped up warm and all was fine except for th ecold getting through me thermal gloves!!!!!
    Me fingers were in so much pain a really did think a 'ad cut me thumb!!!!!!
    The pain was so sharp!!!!!!
    And a couldn't cycle faster as the faster a went... Well could yer imagine a 30mph wind in yer face of -7 plus minus more!!!!!!!
    So a steady 20mph and atime of 21.26!!!!!!

    Last night a did the same but with 2 pairs of gloves.... Still a bit cold but far better than the night before!!!!!
    Although last night when a got 'ome ice 'ad formed on me front cycle light it was so cold!!!!!!!

    Rio 2016 - This is 'ow committed I am.... Really focused & determined I am to ter cycle in such low temperatures!!!!!!!!

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    Comment number 85.

    It's now 12.12.12 12.12.12


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    Comment number 87.

    Is it now the twelfth day at 12 with all the twelves??????????????????????

    Yippppeeeee a can open all me Crimbo presents now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Comment number 99.

    Bingo, I enjoy reading your cycling posts and having met you, I can picture you whizzing along on your bike ;) Keep it up.

    #90 Gin Girl, I couldn't agree more about the people making this blog. It's such a lovely community ;0)

    #94 Johno thank you for the "end" key tip but it doesn't work on my computer. I'll keep trying though as it may be another key. This pc is in heiroglyphics.


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