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Friday 29 March 2013, 08:40

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

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Yes still here, still bloggering on and the last post for a week as we disappear to spend a few days of compulsory family fun somewhere freezing and with fewer amenities than home. I'm sure it'll be lovely. I trust the Easter weekend will be a good one and full of hot cross buns (no fishcakes for heavens sake), assorted and occasionally hidden chocolate delights and a few chips.
Child 2 duly arrived back for a whistle stop tour of the washing machine, larder and her bedroom (still tidy). She disappears again today for more weeks of travelling but I'd forgotten what it was like to see someone who'd BEEN IN SOME HEAT and consequently looked tanned and relaxed. Maybe one day we'll all like that. But until then...
Here we go with an all request Friday having already got in the mood with a swift half-hour last night. And your opening year of requirement is 1956! Yes really! We need some classic ROCKNROLL to start todays show and '56 is about as rocknrolly (?) as it gets.
Have a warm-hearted and generous Friday, see you after 5.
(and keep the posts coming next week. My prediction is 765 comments by next Monday)

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    Comment number 404.

    Wow, what a busy blog! Loving it!

    I used to be quite good at sewing. I even made myself an outfit to wear to my grandmother's second wedding - I think I was about 16 at the time. But I haven't done any for years, and my more recent encounters with a sewing machine (mainly to make curtains) have resulted in some rather unsavoury language that those of you who know me well would be quite surprised to hear coming out of my mouth...


    I also used to love knitting, and I have been thinking about taking it up again but my issue is really not having enough time. Once I start something, I hate it if it ends up lying around for ages unfinished, so I'm rather afraid I would just get frustrated and cross with myself.

    Amelia, in spite of us being good friends we often seem to disagree about things. But I am TOTALLY with you on tights - horrible things! I am rather partial to a candle, though - as long as it's not scented.

    What else? I have never been to TK Maxx.

    Gill - well done to your Hubs for saving the day!

    Billie - hi! None of those things make you unpopular. It's great that we're not all the same - can you imagine how boring the discussions would be?


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    Comment number 405.

    Oh yeh, and knitting. We were talking about the very same over the weekend. I refused to join Brownies as my cousins said you had to be able to knit, and I couldn't so I wouldn't go. I only went to guides because the same cousins said there was no such stipulation. I tried knitting a pair of socks (on four needles) for Mr M when I first knew him. My Mum was a great knitter and had to finish the socks I think. Maybe four needles isn't the best thing to start on.

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    Comment number 406.

    #403 Billie, have you been on the red sauce again. Hee hee! We had a lovely meet up thanks and it's especially nice because you half feel you know the person already.

    I can crochet and knit of a fashion and usually this is winter sport but since I've found Scrabble on-line....er......my time is used up in the evenings.

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    Comment number 407.

    Busy bees have been blogging since I last popped in!

    #402 - Mildred, how strange! For dinner tonight I made a slimline version of cauliflower cheese - sauce made from quark (fatfree cream cheese), eggs, milk and a little cheddar then poured over cooked cauli. Could have done with bit more seasoning/herbs or something to give it a bit of oomph.

    Only been to TKMaxx few times - clothes always a mess and size 10 (no way!) but household goods were ok - bought a lovely wooden fruit bowl which is in constant use - not neccessarily for fruit!!

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    Comment number 408.

    Ha ha! Daughter no. 2 safely in the bath, the computer is all mine.

    I too dislike candles, especially the scented variety, with one exception. When living in the Lake District I discovered rosemary scented candles in the local Oxfam shop. Now rosemary is my absolute favourite scent/smell. I can't walk past a rosemary bush without rubbing the leaves to get the scent. An evening in in front of the fire with miserable wet weather outside (otherwise known as summer in the Lakes) and rosemary candles burning was my idea of heaven.

    Unfortunately they seem very hard to come by and when I'm out and about I always keep my eyes peeled for them. Unfortunately typically all I come across are those awful, smelly, nauseous, sickly fruity or flowery scented candles, that frankly generally make me want to wretch. The only thing I find worse than a candle shop of such ilk, is a soap shop of the same persuasion. Eeugh!! Apologies to those of you who may like that sort of thing, but I jest not, I actually feel sick.

    Talking of feeling sick, I think I might have had too much chocolate fondue tonight. The fruit was healthy enough, but ........

    (Realises he has lowered the tone of the conversation and slinks off to make a refreshing cup of tea....)


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