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Baby sugar snaps

Monday 11 November 2013, 09:24

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Grim old morning with the prospect of fog later. Cloudy with a chance of mist. Full of zippy energy and pulsing with life, we greet the challenges of the new week with a cocky self assurance. We've been here before, we know what happens, we can do this. It'll be Friday soon enough.
Hope weekends were fine and dandy. Without the excuse of a book to write, I had to emerge into the world of jobs, tasks and errands. My new book idea starts tomorrow. Helped launch my brother's book on Saturday-it's connected to Radio 2's JFK programme on the 22nd (taking the ARF off at 6pm) and it may well be one of the most astonishing radio shows you'll hear. More on that next week
Today we have another bookclub choice for you. It is The Orenda by Joseph Boyden and you can read a chapter here should you wish. It is set in 17th century Canada and is full of Huron and Iroquois warriors, Jesuit priests and French forces. It is being described as Canada's must read novel of the year-so here's your chance. Joseph will be with us from 6.
And oldies please on the subject of EXCUSES. A survey on the most common excuses used has shown that 'I didn't hear my phone ring' has  replaced 'the cheque is in he post'.  This is followed by 'I didn't get your email' and I didn't get your text' And maybe 'There's a gremlin in the blog, it'll be up shortly'...Anyway. Your songs of excuses welcome.
Have a secure and poised Monday, see you after 5


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