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After you Marcus

Thursday 21 February 2013, 09:48

Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

Me again. Grey, cold and horribly February. This first half term of the year is always the most challenging for parents trying to find edifying and outdoor things for their offspring. We have ended up in some ghastly Mr Blobby/inflatable dinosaur style places over the years in a vain attempt to keep the young ones from the gates of boredom.


Over priced food and drink, monstrous 'entertainment' that fails to impress anyone combined with that feeling you've been fleeced, is a half term treat I don't miss at all. I played chess with child 3 yesterday and lost twice but at least I wasn't in a field being chilled to the bone, eating fluorescent food and smiling grimly. Progress indeed!

Brits were all lovely yesterday I thought with a slick and professional show which will have sold well around the world. Muse were the standout for me-a great show opening and glad the Jubilee line got us there in time. When things go well there are the wearysome voices complaining that there was no 'rebellion' or 'attitude'. These are the same folk who complain when it is unprofessional and shabby. So let's hear it for GOOD BEHAVIOUR, our oldies theme today. Behaving well. Who'd have thought it.

Food from Nigel today (wasabi somethingorother) washed down with a hard-working beverage (I'm guessing 12%).


Have a respectful and well-mannered Thursday, see you after 5





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