Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday 8 December 2009, 21:00

Julie Julie

Awwww! A great lesson from River City tonight: look after yer ma. It was quite heart-warming to see Scott making up with his mum but he does look rather nervous about returning to Lewis. And what about wee Eilidh? Isn't he meant to be her daddy? Hope he comes back soon to pick up his paternal duties.

Maternal duties, however, are clearly lacking in one Shieldinch resident. What are you up to, Jo?! After everything she's been through it must be terribly hard for Gina and Ruth to turn their back on her but she really did overstep the mark tonight. Maybe Lydia will get her back on her feet.

What d'you think of Stella? She seems to fit in pretty well round there... well, she does now that Nicki has given her the seal of approval... but let's hope she really does pursue a fresh start cos that Deek's too soft for his own good and can easily be taken advantage of.


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    If any "auntie" left my wee one unattended there wouldn't be any intact body parts left to feel sorry for themselves on George's bench. Still, well done to the storywriters for linking Jo and Lydia together in their common loss of sons. Really looking forward to seeing how that plays out next week.

    I doubt there was anyone watching who didn't cheer out loud when Stella chose to pour the vodka down the sink.

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    Comment number 2.

    Yes tonights episode was great. Maybe put the critics to bed over multi-tasking. More than one good story-line on the go here?
    However is that really the end of Scott and Margaret? Hope not or are we going to see some footage of the outer Hebrides?
    As for Stella well maybe he shouldn't have went to London and given up so easily the fool!
    Then we have Jo freshly kicked out (and rightly so) by Ruth. Only to be taken in by Lydia. Em, does she know the full story on this one?
    Sorry Jo should be orf to the Outer Hebs ( actually to tranquil a place for her).
    It was a great episode and I do hope that Liz's 1950's panto is brought up to date and pronto. Ah Liz I do love her but...?

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    Comment number 3.

    Really upset that Scott has left to go and live in Lewis hope it wont be too long before he comes back again.I really thought his mum would change her mind and stay and make a life together in Shieldinch.Hopefully he will be back again soon.I think the way Jo spoke and snapped at Scott was really nasty of her.He only tried to help her and talk to her about what she did was wrong but Jo being Jo had to hurt him by saying what she did and poor Scott was very hurt and taken aback by what she said.She was horrible to Ruth and blamed her for the death of her child.Poor Ruth she had every right to be angry about Jo going out and leaving the baby alone,how could she be so selfish and go out with Ewan and forget her responsibilities.As for Stella that was good that she emptied the vodka down the sink and gave Deek his money back. Hopefully with help she will change and her and Deek will become the best of friends.Its good of Deek to help her hes got a heart of gold.Looking forward to next weeks episode looks really funny especially with Malcolm dressed up as the dame for lizes panto. And if i know River City it will end up a pantomime.Thanks for such an enjoyable soap.


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